4 Features That Will Make Your Dating Site Better

Jun 12, 2017
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Dating sites are part of an oversaturated industry and lacking features is something that you definitely want to avoid in order to lower churn rates and attract more customers. Upgrading your business is a vital part of the very survival in this cruel industry. Make decisions that will augment your service and make it more convenient for all users.

Today, we would like to highlight several useful modules that can improve your service. Dating sites often rely on the gradual reveal of possibilities and features that can be unlocked via membership or other monetization methods. However, you need to be able to implement gating seamlessly and slowly introduce your potential customers to paid options.

Our modules are good examples of functional add-ons that elevate your service to the next level and allow you to improve sales notably while providing you with enough opportunities to please your customers with lots of interesting features and interface improvements.

1. Private Photos

Smart businesses try to gate user experience and provide their non-paying users with a glimpse of what can be achieved via purchasing a subscription. One of such gating functions is our latest add-on “Private Photos”. This add-on allows users to conceal some of their images from public eyes and other users will have to ask for a permission of an owner to view them.

PG Dating Pro: Private photos feature

As a feature, it makes users able to hide their photos if they want to. This is a great addition to privacy options and makes users feel more secure while using your network. What’s more, you can monetize this service by incentivizing your users to pay for upgrades.

One of the most common usages of such modules is to prevent users from seeing photos that are tagged as private by their owners. If users want to see those photos regardless, they may pay for such a privilege. If your network attracts enough natural traffic and you encourage and support attractive energetic people amongst your customers, you will notice that other users want to pay for being able to see private images.

2. Date Ideas

A healthy way to improve your service is to provide engaging methods of breaking the silence between users. Simple yet powerful tools are often exactly what you need to change the image of your service. Date ideas is a simple elegant solution that makes it easier for people to set up dates and meet.

PG Dating Pro: Date ideas feature

A user may suggest a place or an activity to another user. If his or her romantic interest responds to the invitation and they both choose the same idea for a date, they will be matched. Incorporating such gamification elements into your service is often that small touch that makes a difference. People enjoy playing social games and interacting through various channels. A simple guess-game may allow your users to be much more active while easily overcoming their social anxiety by asking people out in a playful form.

The Date Ideas add-on will allow you to automate many functions and let users book tables, pre-order tickets or choose places of interest in a convenient manner.

3. Anonymous Chat

Your users may be very enthusiastic about your services but they may be afraid to start conversations with people who they consider to be more attractive or simply cannot choose a person that they like. Anonymous chat is a perfect solution for such people. This feature allows users to enter a roulette and search for another user. Search criteria are predetermined by their own settings. The search field can be narrowed down according to one’s preferences. All private information of the people is concealed.

PG Dating Pro: Anonymous chat feature

When two strangers engage in a conversation and find out that they share so much with each other, it is truly an engaging and exciting moment. This is your bread and butter. Any dating service wants to create as many of these moments as possible. Anonymous chat allows two users to exchange their ideas and talk to each other before seeing who they are talking to thus removing the bias from the equation. This makes all possible contacts on your website less stressful for those who lack self-esteem.

Anonymous chat is a relatively simple add-on that can be added to any modern architecture. This solution is a paradigm of an elegant improvement of your service that will make it that much more attractive while not introducing any “attractions” per se.

4. Live Streaming

Video streaming is a very trendy thing amongst all active internet users. Online streaming is a perfect way to gain popularity, share your thoughts and creativity, and introduce yourself in your own unique way. Live Video Streaming is a solution that can be integrated into your architecture seamlessly and in a timely manner. Giving your users such a powerful means of communication will definitely yield you several popularity points.

PG Dating Pro: Live video streaming

By providing your customers with an opportunity to re-stream their video content and live broadcasts from YouTube directly to your website, you will be able to interest content creators and proactive users to be more invested in your service. This feature can be monetized by both you and your users, which increases the versatility of the add-on.

What Should You Choose?

We highly recommend that you upgrade your service constantly and search for new exciting ways to entertain your audience. If you want to reduce churn rates and attract more people, make sure to choose a variety of features to showcase. There is barely anything more valuable than trying your hardest to be ahead of the competition.


The main photo in this post is by Sheikh Ahmed at Unsplash.

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