AdWords Campaigns: Updating URLs for Better Tracking and Management

Jun 9, 2015
< 1 minute read

Beginning July 2015, the Google AdWords team plan to upgrade advertising campaigns and include improvements on URL management to help better track information about each click on the ads. With upgraded URLs, it will be possible to take advantage of the new ValueTrack and custom tracking parameters.

Today, ad and keyword tracking in AdWords relies on a destination URL that contains a landing page URL and tracking parameters. Upgraded URLs offer a simpler way to manage these tracking details, letting you manage shared tracking templates at the account and ad group levels. You’ll also use two new fields to manage your ad URL and tracking information:

  • One field for your ad’s final landing page URL
  • One field for tracking template parameters

Watch this short video to get a better idea of the upcoming changes.

Introducing Upgraded URLs for easier and faster URL management, by AdWords Channel on YouTube

If you are running campaigns now, you will be able to upgrade automatically or use the basic upgrade method to not reset any statistics that you have collected. Find out more on how to upgrade the URLs of your advertising campaigns in this support article.

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