Arbitrage Scanner Bangkok 2023 – Bringing Together Dating, Marketing, & Affiliates

Nov 29, 2023
2 minutes to read is hosting a unique affiliate side event in Bangkok, aimed at uniting foremost figures in various fields including dating, cryptocurrency, and affiliate marketing. Scheduled for December 9, 2023, this event distinguishes itself by emphasizing live networking and interactive discussions on pertinent topics, rather than traditional speaker-led presentations.

This gathering, succeeding the Affiliate World Asia conference, anticipates over 555 participants. It provides a casual atmosphere conducive to connecting with leading professionals in arbitration and cryptocurrency. The venue, a top-tier restaurant in Bangkok, features an outdoor terrace and cocktail area, enhancing the networking experience with unlimited food and drinks.

A notable aspect of this event is its focus on the Arbitrage Scanner’s product ecosystem. This system offers affiliates up to 50% in sales commissions from their referral links. Moreover, it includes specialized tools for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. Another highlight is the introduction of ArbitrageScanner’s white label product, which offers ready-to-implement IT solutions for brands looking to incorporate them into their turnkey operations swiftly.

This event presents an invaluable opportunity for industry leaders to network, gain new insights, and acquire practical tips, making it an unmissable event for those in the related sectors​​.

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