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Nov 29, 2023
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WhatsApp has always been overshadowed by other more agile and renowned horses in the race – Facebook and Instagram. But now, it seems, Zuckerberg has decided to bet on this particular horse. In an interview with the New York Times, he directly called WhatsApp “the next chapter” for his company. It’s been, as they say, not even a decade. Apparently, Mark was waiting for Telegram to advance far enough in terms of functionality and convenience.

But seriously, what is WhatsApp today?

  • Over 2 billion users worldwide.
  • Rapidly growing advertising revenues, which are expected to reach $10 billion this year.
  • Popularity in the U.S. (the most lucrative market), where half of the users aged 18 to 35 have already downloaded the app.
  • More than 200 million companies use WhatsApp’s professional business applications and paid tools. Among them are the world’s largest corporations.

Thus, despite the fact that the project has hardly developed in recent years, the situation with the audience and finances looks quite impressive.

I see the reason for Meta’s turnaround towards WhatsApp in the fact that Zuckerberg, as an entrepreneur who keenly senses trends, always strives to harness them (although not always successfully, as is currently the case with the metaverse). And one of the most pronounced trends in social services now is that more and more users worldwide are moving from social networks to messengers and closed communities.

A quote from Mark from the aforementioned New York Times interview:

“Now that everyone has mobile phones and they spend all day creating content and exchanging messages, I think we can do something much better and more intimate than just a feed of your friends’ posts.”

In the same interview, he unambiguously suggests that a messaging service could become the main application for communication. “If you imagine what a private social platform of the future would look like from scratch, I think it would mostly look like WhatsApp,” said the head of Meta.

By the way, WhatsApp has already acquired some social network functions and is now building a payment infrastructure that will allow purchases to be made directly within the app.

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