Creating coherence: How Spotify’s design system goes beyond platforms

Sep 22, 2023
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Short summary:

Juli Sombat, Spotify’s Design Manager, emphasizes the drive towards a cohesive design across multiple devices. With the company expanding to 45 platforms and over 2,000 devices, the challenge was maintaining a consistent Spotify experience.

Introduced in 2019, our design system, Encore, evolved to serve various needs, from mobile-specific designs to a broader web experience. However, as the emphasis shifted towards cross-platform cohesion, our teams collaborated intensively. We delved into the specifics of each platform, understanding their unique requirements, and coming together to build a unified approach.

The evolution of our button component serves as a testament to this. Initially varied, through collaboration, we established a clear hierarchy and design consistency. The benefits of such a cross-platform approach? Cohesion, efficiency, and scalability.

Challenges were inevitable. Managing multiple platforms meant increased complexity and more inter-team dependencies. But our commitment to collaboration eased the way. At Spotify, we value cross-functionality as much as cross-platform design. Regular meetings, brainstorm sessions, and an open feedback culture fostered unity in design and diversity in thought.

To conclude, cross-platform design is vital for ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience. At Spotify, the Encore journey continues, with a focus on broadening our cross-platform components and enhancing the contribution process. Curious about our journey? Stay updated on our social channels.

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