Dating Business – Target Audience is a Key to Success!

Mar 19, 2009

The theme of my research is the Target Audience: how to determine it, understand the needs, to use it to grow your Dating Business.

Let’s start with determination.

On the whole the goal of your market research is to determine your sales demographics and establish a target audience. This is to whom you will gear your advertising and marketing campaign. Nearly every product or service has a specific demographic group that will be most interested in spending money to buy the product or utilize the services offered.

We, as Dating Business Owners, provide service to our members. The range of people who can be involved and interested is very wide. Therefore, it is important to create various marketing campaigns to reach the different segments of this vast market that you are most likely to attract. In most of the cases Dating Sites are targeted to a small group of people united by some features. It’s called niche marketing which can be very beneficial and cost effective if done properly.

I have found some questions to ask yourself when outlining your target market or demographic group. The most useful for a Dating Market are:
* What is the age range of the customer who wants my product or service?
* Which sex would be more interested in this product or service?
* What is the income level of my potential customers?
* What will draw them to this product or service? (Easy availability? Low price? Personalized attention? Special features?)

Then comes understanding of the Target Audience.

As an entrepreneur, you must identify “your customers” and understand as precisely as possible what they want. The process of finding and studying potential customers for your venture doesn´t have to be complex or expensive — but it is extremely important. Once you have the information, you’ll know exactly what you should do to succeed.

The facts you need to know about your target market fall into these three categories:

1) Demographics.
Begin your research by checking the demographics of the region you plan to target. You´ll want to know the population´s make-up in terms of age, gender, income level, occupation, education and family circumstances (married, single, retired and so on).

2) Geographic and lifestyle factors.
Give some thought to where and how your target customers live. Are they Southerners or Yankees; urbanites, suburban soccer moms or country folk? Are they risk-takers or conservative; athletes or couch potatoes; spenders or savers? The answers will help determine what you can sell to them, how you should sell it and at what price.

3) Customer needs.
Consider all the reasons why people might buy Dating service. Find out the reasons by talking to people from Dating Industry, dating site members and reading forums and blogs.

Once you´ve considered the key demographic factors, you can begin to assemble a customer profile, a more focused statement that describes your target market in detail. Consult that profile when you make decisions about issues such as what services and features to offer or advertise; how much to charge for various membership levels; and expansion plans.

Let’s go now to using this market to grow your Dating Business.

As the founder of a new small business, you are most likely looking for a cost-effective manner of marketing. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to direct your efforts to your target market.

First, segment your target market so that you reach the most likely potential customers and do not overlap in your efforts. Once you have narrowed down your audience, devise a means of reaching them by presenting something of special interest to them. Often, new businesses use the fact that they are brand new to lure their target audience. People like being in on the ground floor of something new, especially if you are catering to their specific tastes.

At your Dating Site you can make an offer of something that they would appreciate, such as discounts or small giveaways. Some Dating Site Administrators amke sites free to register and use the option of free trila to attract more users and enlarge the database. The key is to know as much as you can about your target market and present them with some new information, new products, new services or new means of meeting their needs.

Once you have piqued their interest, try to establish a means of communication with your target group through newsletters, email or mailings. As your core target audience becomes satisfied customers, they will help you build customers through viral marketing. Besides, build outward from a targeted group of steady customers and keep marketing to your loyal customers as your business grows. This can be realized within Dating Business by giving special permissions and bonuses to your steady members and free entrance for Community events for example. (read more at
In conclusion, please note that you should be persistent and consistent enough in your research to be successful in your Dating Business cause the most difficult thing is to serve people and provide them with love as we do at our Dating Site. We should feel our Dating Site with our soul and answer our customers’ needs quickly and passionately.

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