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May 6, 2016
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Dear friends,

Recently we have launched a series of crowdfunding campaigns that we would like you to take a closer look at. Every project that we’ve posted requires a considerable amount of investment by itself, but it is possible to carry them all out by joining forces and ultimately paying much less.

Please take a look:

There is a Book a Date app idea where two people select which type of activity they are most into right now, and then they swipe right or left for the options within this category.

A match means that both partners want to go to the same place or want to engage in the same activity. From this on, what is left to do is make a reservation or book tickets, and all of that — directly from the app.

Then there is a Popular Venues Dating app that is meant to help single people meet based not only on their location, but on the places that they like to visit, for example, bars, night clubs, and restaurants.

How does it work? If a person is in a bar, they are notified about other single people who are in the same bar and also have an account with the app. The app would then show all profiles in this location and prompt to start a conversation, either via the app or in real life. One can even review the map of the surroundings to see which venues have the most singles prior to going out.

A Smart TV app will be a valuable addition to your dating site for it will let your site members connect, discuss TV shows, and have live conversations from the comfort of their couches.

Imagine a site member who likes a movie he or she is watching, and is immediately notified if there are people who meet their partner criteria and who also like this movie. Sounds like an ice-breaker. A site member will also be able to start a video or a voice chat via TV.

Video interviews app is the idea of a dating app where single people will record videos of themselves. Similarly to job interviews, singles will be able to present themselves to their future partner with video profiles. The service owner will be able to edit the recordings to make them more appealing.

Added bonus is user verification, making sure that they really resemble their own photos, and that the info is recent.

The Model agency is the turnkey script of an online modelling agency. You will be able to start a single modelling agency website or create a portal for many agencies.

Video streaming service is about making money from video communication. The proposed structure of a website is straightforward: signing up, creating a simple profile, searching and starting a video chat with someone you like. Donations, or coins, is what the monetization strategy is based on.

Have an idea? Post a comment or come to chat with us. And of course, we encourage you to support one or more of the crowdfunding projects and see them come to life.

The rules and guarantees are as follows:

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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