Dating Pro Digest: IDEA Webinar On Pandemic Dating; Survey Finds Why People Commit Infidelity; Grindr Launches Art Section; Business Ideas That Already Running

Aug 11, 2020


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Dating industry news digest and how to use them to make you share of profit:

  • IDEA webinar on dating in a time of the pandemic;
  • Survey by extramarital dating app finds reasons why people commit infidelity;
  • Dating app Grindr launches art section;
  • Business ideas that already running: Gentleman-style dating, Quarantine Buddy, Tinder for mergers and others.



IDEA webinar on dating in a time of the pandemic

Internet Dating Excellence Association, or IDEA, conducted their regular webinar with Mark Brooks (President,  Geoff Cook (CEO of the Meet Group), and Safe Dating Advisory Board: Epidemiologists, Dr. Melissa Sharp and Dr. Tali Elfassy, infectious disease expert, Dr. Anu Hazra.

The main topic of the webinar was to discuss the risks of online dating during Coronavirus.

The key takeaways were:

  • The in-person first dates can be replaced with video dates to avoid potential exposure and get to know each other better before committing into relationships further;
  • Dating site owners can and should promote the use of individual protection such as masks, gloves, social distancing, and others, to reduce exposure risks;
  • Advise users not to trust test results posted on the Internet. These results may be unreliable, outdated or fake;
  • People always keep on interacting with each other, as well as dating. And “it is important to adhere to local governmental guidance and supplied information”;


Pro tip: Following the recommendations of people who’ve been working in the dating industry for quite a while now is always better than making mistakes yourself. From this webinar, you can see that video dating is still trending and can be used to launch a profitable dating business.  

View full transcript here



Survey by extramarital dating app finds reasons why people commit infidelity

Indian extramarital dating app Gleeden survey showed that around 75% of its users are willing to meet their love interests if provided an opportunity.

Further research shows that 45% believe that shared intimacy won’t affect their current relationship. While 47% thinks that they cannot share the same level of emotions with two different people.

37% of people commit infidelity because they want to try out something new or spice up their existing relationship. 36% of people commit infidelity because they are in love with someone else.

Pro tip: Sex sells and it’s an undeniable truth. You can either use it and create your own affair dating site or, in opposition, create a site where you teach or help people how to prevent cheating or fix the relationship after it already happened.  

View full article here



Dating app Grindr launches art section

Grindr started testing its new chatroom feature a few months ago.

These chatrooms allow users to connect with unknown people to discuss their favorite topics like LGBTQ activism, video games, and the latest episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

App users are also able to send images in the chats, sharing and talking about their artwork or photographs.

One anonymous user told The Art Newspaper: “I love the idea of art-sharing among my fellow gays. I’ve had some genuinely lovely conversations with people about it. We’ve shared ideas, appreciated each other’s work, given notes where necessary.”

Pro tip: People always crave for conversations and people contact. And this LGBTQ+ community has limited ways to communicate with similar people. You can help them communicate better and use it as the main feature of your business. 

View full article here



Business ideas that already running: Gentleman-style dating, Quarantine Buddy, Tinder for mergers and others

We acknowledged that sometimes its hard to find new business ideas. So to help you with it, here is a list of several recently launched app and sites:

  1. Wango – Gentleman-Style Dating – Upon signup, all our male users are granted the honorific Gentlemen’s Badge. However, repeated misbehavior results in losing the precious badge;
  2. How I Met My Dog: Don’t just adopt a dog, adopt your dog – This service uses dating mechanics to custom match you with your canine soulmate;
  3. Snappr: How Good Is Your Profile Picture? – Snappr’s Photo Analyzer uses the latest research, combined with image recognition and machine learning technologies, to determine how well your photo will perform;
  4. Facetune Video helps you touch up your video selfies – This app allows you to record short selfie videos and edit them with a variety of options to work with, such as changing the brightness of the video, smoothing out your skin, whitening your smile, and even changing the size of your nose and eyes;
  5. This Dallas-Based Photography Company Wants To Make Dating Apps ‘Click’ For Everyone – Click connects clients who hope to upgrade their profiles with trained photographers, helping North Texans make good first impressions on dating apps;
  6. Quarantine Buddy – meet your quarantine buddy – This service collects common interests through matching form and then forms the best possible pairings. Users receive an email with an introduction to new buddies every week;
  7. WAHVO – This app allows users to accumulate points by going out on dates and then spend them on the charity of their choice;
  8. Goldman Sachs Comes Up With Tinder for Mergers – Wall Street is building a new dealmaking app for the future of mergers and acquisitions in a social-distanced world.

Pro tip: If you’re running short on business ideas or just want to start a quick side project, you can always take an already running business and either slightly alter it, for example How I Met My Dog can be turned into How I Met My Cat and any other animal, or you can launch the same idea but for a different audience, for example  Click connects with professional photographers only in North Texas, do the same for a different state or even country. 





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