Dating Pro Digest: Dating App For Tesla Owners; Dating Apps Growth Only Increases; Jewish Dating Site Allows Mothers To Participate; Blued Did Over 50,000 HIV Tests; Sensor Tower’s Dating Apps Profitability Analysis

Aug 25, 2020
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Dating industry news digest and how to use them to make you share of profit:

  • A unique dating app for people who own Tesla.
  • The growth of dating apps is not diminishing, but only increasing.
  • Jewish mothers can become Yentas with this dating site.
  • Blued Achieves 50,000 HIV Testing Marks.
  • Sensor Tower analyzed the profitability of dating apps for July 2020.



A unique dating app for people who own Tesla

Tesla Dating is a Canadian project that will only introduce Tesla owners.

One day Ajitpal Greval noticed one peculiarity of Tesla owners: they never stop talking about their car. Thus the idea to create a dating service where owners can find owners or Tesla-lovers appeared.

At the moment, the application is being finalized, but about 160 people have added to the list of those wishing to use this application over the past week.

Pro tip: There are always trends that most of people know and follow. Like this one – Telsa fans, Elon Musk fans: dating app created for this audience swiftly attracted its audience through various press releases and media coverages. You can use this tactic and create your own trendy dating site or app that can quite rapidly gather you audience. 

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The growth of dating apps is not diminishing, but only increasing

Dating apps are becoming more virtual, according to eMarketer’s survey, app users are only growing every year and by the end of the year their number in the United States will reach 26.6 million, which is 18.4% more than last year.

With the onset of the pandemic, all social networks have become more in demand, for example, according to a study by Harris Poll, US adults have increased their use of social networks (50%), virtual meeting sites (33%) and dating apps (11%).

Pro tip: This data shows that online dating is still working wonders for people in post-covid world. And with the threat of new or recurring pandemics, online dating will remain being the major way of dating today. 

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Jewish mothers can become Yentas with this dating site is the new dating site. It goes into use this fall. The main purpose of the site is to enable parents to play the role of matchmakers. The site is very simple, the parent needs to register in the system through Facebook, fill out the profile with data about his single child. After these simple steps, the parent can correspond with other parents of single children. Once launched, JustKibbitz will be open for pre-registration.

Pro tip: This dating site is a great example of how the entrepreneurs can merge online and offline, traditional, dating customs to create new service that overcomes their competitors and creates new markets. Think, is there something people do only offline but can be done online to save their time, protect themselves or get better results? If yes, then use it to rock the market.  

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Blued Achieves 50,000 HIV testing marks

Asia’s premier LGBT platform has facilitated 50,000 online appointments for HIV testing at more than 200 partnered testing establishments in China for 2019.

According to statistics, approximately 10 million people have viewed BlueCity’s HIV prevention content pages.

Pro tip: Some dating businesses strive not only to improve how people meet and date, but try to make the world a better, safer place. But, in the end, it’s up to you to create the mission of your business.  

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Sensor Tower analyzed the profitability of dating apps for July 2020

Sensor Tower is a mobile app analytics company. This time the analysis covered dating apps:

1 place – Tinder, which is not surprising. He spent over $ 68.5 million on users, up $ 700,000 from June.

2 place – A little more modest than Tinder Bumble. He also brought in $ 16.8 million, raising the bar by $ 300,000 in a month.

3 place – The Japanese application Pairs was ranked # 3 this month.

4 place – MeetMe from Meet Group, which was pulled out by Pairs.

5 place – Badoo, on the contrary, improved its result by moving up one line higher, thus closing the top five.

Pro tip: Learning about your strongest competitors will allow you to see what’s working for them. This way you’ll be able to copy some of their feature or marketing channels and try it on different audiences to get your own market share. 

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