Dating Pro Digest: New Unique Indian Dating App; Online Dating Is Promising field; OkZoomer Matches College Students; Zoosk’s 1H Financial Statement

Sep 1, 2020
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Dating industry news digest and how to use them to make you share of profit:

  • As You Are is a new dating app in India.
  • Online dating is a promising area that will change in 2021.
  • OkZoomer is helping out thousands of college students.
  • Spark Networks provides Zoosk’s financial statements for the first half of 2020.



As You Are is a new dating app in India

As You Are is an Indian LGBTQ dating app that aims to provide people with a safe space for the community.

The app was created and developed by Sunali Aggarwal and Aditi Gupta.

The application has a strong level of authentication, which allows users to weed out unwanted accounts. The personal user data is kept completely confidential. The application is about two months old, but its activity is amazing, about 60 people are registered daily.

Pro tip: There are a lot of dating niches that you can win over. For example this app works with LGBTQ+ community in India. You can follow their example and work with similar groups in other countries or states. 

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Online dating is a promising area that will change in 2021

According to statistics by eMarketer, the number of users of dating apps in the United States in 2020 will grow by 18% – to about 26 million.

This big jump from less than 7% growth in 2019 is due to the pandemic.

As a result, eMarketer anticipated a decline in growth after the end of the pandemic. Estimated to reduce US users by 8% in 2021.

Pro tip: This data shows that online dating is still working wonders for people in post-covid world. And with the threat of new or recurring pandemics, online dating will remain being the major way of dating today. 

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OkZoomer is helping out thousands of college students

OkZoomer is an app for college students who want to meet people from their educational institutions.

Ileana Valdez is the creator of OkZoomer and a senior computer scientist at Yale University.

In order to start using the application, users must prove that they are a student using the school email. The application has already achieved considerable results, around the world it is used by students from about 1200 colleges.

Pro tip: Here’s another example of niche targeting. Similar to what Tinder did in its time, this app targets college students as they are very open to online dating. 

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Spark Networks provides Zoosk’s financial statements for the first half of 2020

Zoosk was acquired by Spark Networks in July 2019 and developed under the control of the Berlin-based company.

According to their financial report, total revenue was 103.4 million euros, which is 110% higher than the previous year. Similarly, EBITDA rose significantly as well, reaching 17.1 million euros, up from 3.8 million euros 12 months ago.

And Spark Networks promise that their growth will only continue.

Pro tip: This financial report allows you to glimpse of what you could possible achieve on online dating provider. 

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