Dating Pro Digest: Dating Costs UK Singles Over £1,300/y; TMG Launches Dating Game DateNight; This AI Predicts Successful Relationship Criteria; Cannabis Industry Quietly Blazing

Jul 30, 2020
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Dating industry news digest and how to use them to make you share of profit:

  • Single? Apparently dating is costing you over £1,300 a year;
  • The Meet Group launches dating game DateNight on MeetMe and Skout;
  • Scientists use AI to predict what makes a successful relationship;
  • Why the cannabis industry, which took a hit last year, is now quietly blazing.



Single? Apparently dating is costing you over £1,300 a year

Plenty Of Fish conducted a survey among its UK users and found out that an average single person spends around £1,349 per year on dating, including gifts, preparations, travel expenses and etc.

Out of 2,000 interviewed daters, the average number of dates per year is 13 with over £100 spent on each outing.

PoF also included getting ready for dates as expanses as well: £74.07 for men and £53.14 for women.

Shannon Smith, a spokesperson for Plenty of Fish, said in a statement: “While we can feel under pressure to sweep new love interests off their feet with lavish date ideas, it’s clear from our research that some of the simplest and cheapest activities can be the ones we enjoy the most.”

Pro tip: It would be hard (but not impossible) to over £100 per user every month, but it all depends on the perceived value of your service – people need to believe that the results they get from your service cost less than what you charge – e.g. find your soulmate in 10 minutes for just £9.99 – when I spend over £1,300 a year, £9.99 looks very cheap for this kind of result. You can also try to work with the US audience, as they tend to spend online more than users from other countries.  

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The Meet Group launches dating game DateNight on MeetMe and Skout

The Meet Group’s DateNight is a weekly dating game where they give away up to $100,000+ worth of first dates.

The game consists of 2 games, NextDate and BlindDate, where MeetMe and Skout users match and take part in a video date while broadcasting to an audience. There is also an opportunity for matched people to receive a free $10 gift card to one of 18 different chain restaurants through the US.

To keep users safe, DateNight will be available only in states where Covid case rate is less than 15 per 10,000.

CEO Geoff Cook explained in a statement: “At the start of the pandemic, video was a replacement for real-life interaction. Now, it is a filter to screen potential dates for connection and compatibility before ever meeting in person.”

Pro tip: Dating video games are getting more and more popular. The main reason is that people still don’t know how to date: how to meet someone, how to get to know someone, how to make someone fall in love and etc. And with this short dating games where they have a clear goal, like “talk about your interests for 3 minutes”, is very clear to everyone and can be easily achieved. And when users get positive experience from achieving these goals, they like it and they want to do it again and again.  

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Scientists use AI to predict what makes a successful relationship

Western University used an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to predict relationship satisfaction.

Going through 11,196 couples from 43 datasets, they found out that:

  • “the most reliable predictor of romantic success is the belief that your partner is fully committed to the relationship”;
  • “after that, it was appreciation, sexual satisfaction, perceived-partner satisfaction, and conflict”;
  • “notably, the individual characteristics of each partner, such as income and life satisfaction, were far less influential than relationship-specific factors”

Pro tip: People and businesses rely more and more on power of AI and machine learning. By introducing simpler forms of AI to your dating site and app, you can outpace bigger competitors and seize their market share.  

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Why the cannabis industry, which took a hit last year, is now quietly blazing

As you may know, 11 states in the US have already legalized the use of marijuana. And Karan Wadhera, a managing partner at Casa Verde Capital, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis-focused venture firm, believes that the cannabis industry still grows.

According to Karan, there are two main areas of focus in this industry: ” the ancillary tech-lead opportunities for businesses that are going to benefit from the overall macro theme of legalization and globalization of the cannabis industry, whether it’s software for retailers or manufacturers, or ancillary services like staffing and financial services.”

Pro tip: Despite the legalization and popularity of the weed on the Internet, there are not that many dating websites related to this niche. Even fewer have nice designs and adequate functionality. So you can try running a dating site for this audience and check how it will work out. P.S. manufacturing and distribution require special licenses, so be careful. 

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