Dating Pro Digest: Spark Nudges Loners With Short Videos; Ambiguity Of Ethnicity Filters; Cobble Raised $3M; Grindr’s Being Racist Neutral; Dinky One Shows Explosive Growth

Nov 10, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • Spark nudges “loners to discuss”;
  • The ethnicity filters: aid or just discrimination?
  • Cobble app raised $3 million;
  • Grindr is accused of being racist neutral;
  • New platform Dinky One shows explosive growth.



Spark nudges “loners to discuss”

Popular Canadian dating app Spark promotes its new “Change My Mind” feature.

The main idea is to allow a user to upload a 20-second video on a random topic and to get a response from users who will also be interested in it.

This feature resonated with users, as Spark poll found that 82% of Canadian singles like it when a person has their own personal opinion, 70% said they like to chat about light-hearted topics on a date, and 73% believe that debating with someone is a form of flirting.

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The ethnicity filters: aid or just discrimination?

The ambiguity of the ethnicity filters came under the spotlight after the Black Lives Matter movement.

Grindr quickly decided to remove its long-standing “ethnicity filter”. A part of the users was delighted with this, the other was dissatisfied that they could not indicate their preferences.

Hinge and OkCupid did not stand aside, they did not remove the filters, since this is a respect for different interests of people. The Match Group said they were repeatedly asked to create filters for the minority, as it is difficult for them to find a soul mate otherwise.

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Cobble app raised $3 million

Cobble is a dating app that recently raised nearly $3 million for further development and expansion.

Cobble, an app for New Yorkers, helps to decide where couples should go on dates, which movies to watch, or read books to speed up the bonding process.

The investment came from a group of several investors including Kerr Tech Investments. The application is actively developing and expanding its audience, to grow their team and distribute to new cities.

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Grindr is accused of being racist neutral

According to Dr. Gina Lim, a racism researcher, most racist Grindr users take no responsibility for their dirty deeds.

Although Grindr officially banned racism on the platform, racists still continue to insult people without consequences, since the administration of the platform does not care about it.

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New platform Dinky One shows explosive growth

UK-based website Dinky One is a dating platform for men with smaller penises.

It achieved a success of 30 thousand users in 2 days after launch. The dating site does not have any gender or orientation restrictions. About a fifth of men in the application is homosexual or bisexual. Distribution of intimate materials in the application is prohibited.

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