Dating Pro Digest: Online Dating And STIs; Bumble’s Indian Dating Research; Match Claims Facebook Dating Was Of No Impact On Them; New Emoji On Bumble; Grindr Doesn’t Protect Against Online Bullying

Nov 3, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • Correlation between online dating and STIs.
  • New Bumble Research on Dating in India.
  • Match doesn‘t think Facebook has much of an impact on them.
  • React with emoji in Bumble.
  • Grindr does not protect users from Internet bullying.



Correlation between online dating and STIs.

A recent study has demonstrated the relationship between online dating and STIs.

People who meet online are more likely to contract infections due to neglect of contraception. The Swedish health team surveyed 14,500 men and women of all ages. And, according to the survey, about 11% of men used the Internet to meet sexual partners, compared with 7% of women.

Since the sphere is relatively young, the percentage is small, but this will change in the near future.

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New Bumble research on dating in India.

A recent Bumble poll showed differences in dating before and after the pandemic in India.

About 81% of respondents became more open to sincere dates. The time and quality of dialogues have also improved.

More attention was paid to voice and video chats now. Average call lasts about 20 minutes in India.

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Match doesn’t think Facebook has much of an impact on them.

According to CEO Shar Dubey, “what happens at Facebook does not affect the development strategy of our company.”

The company has recently been investing a lot of effort and time in video dating. They see it as a fast developing and promising area.

Dubey also noted that she was a supporter of the video from the very beginning because it helps people opening up, understanding each other, and increasing the quality of the first date.

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React with emoji in Bumble.

To facilitate communication, Bumble users will now be able to send emoticons to take the first step.

App users will be able to exchange emojis if they match each other. This will make it easier to pass the first message barrier.

There will be 9 most common emojis available, for example, a smiley with hearts, a “see no evil” monkey, and a pair of clapping hands.

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Grindr doesn’t protect users from Internet bullying.

Australian LGBT community criticized Grindr for their negligence towards bullying.

As to create an account in Grindr, a user only needs an email address, blocked bullies are able to create a new account fairly easy. Moreover, Grindr allows you to write any user without prior mutual matching.

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