Dating Pro Digest: Aisle’s New Audio Rooms; Tinder’s Security Update; Ukrainian dating Boom; Bumble’s New Filters For Indian Community; CEO Bumble Is On Forbes List Of Richest Women

Oct 29, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • Aisle opens “the doors of a new room”.
  • Tinder security update.
  • Ukrainian dating.
  • Bumble is releasing three new filters for the Indian community.
  • Whitney Wolf Heard CEO Bumble has taken pride of place on Forbes list of richest women.



Aisle opens “the doors of a new room”.

Aisle is an Indian dating app that announces the introduction of a new “Rooms” feature.

Its main idea is that a user who wants to make an acquaintance creates an audio conference to which other users can join. After joining, the creator and his guest have a 5-minute conversation, at the end of which they decide whether this person is right for them or not.

They can also end the conversation at any time using the “Skip” button.

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Tinder security update.

With the latest developments in internet security, Match Group changes a number of its security policies.

First of all, they improved the reporting function, so that users can quickly inquire about what is happening with their account and, if necessary, contact support.

Match Group also appointed a former sexual assault investigator as head of security to verify that the company’s policies were working properly.

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Ukrainian dating.

“Taya Ukraine” is a dating platform that offers tours around Kyiv accompanied by Ukrainian girls. Their startup relies on the fact that in Ukraine every 15th marriage is international, according to statistics.

The platform employed translators and flirt coaches.

They also rely on preliminary Skype dates and text correspondence. As for legal confirmation, a passport check is offered.

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Bumble is releasing three new filters for the Indian community.

Virtual, social-distanced and social-distanced with masks – these three filters will now be available to every Bumble user from India. These filters will allow users to avoid potentially embarrassing conversation about dating during the lockdown.

Bumble also cited a recent poll that found 78% of people who don’t mind video dates would be happy to meet in person.

“In fact, people are spending roughly 20 mins on average on a video chat or voice call on Bumble in India,” the company noted.

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Whitney Wolf Heard CEO Bumble has taken pride of place on Forbes list of richest women.

Whitney Wolf Heard, CEO of Bumble, ranked 39th on Forbes list of the 100 richest people who made it all on their own.

Bumble, which was registered in 2014, is estimated at $162 million at the end of 2018. And to increase capital investment and expand, an IPO will be carried out in early 2021.

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