Dating Pro Digest: Dating Apps Results For August; Bumble’s «Is Romance Dead?» For Indians; Muzmatch Adds More Ethnicities; Tinder’s Necessary Checks; 22% Daters Were Susceptible To Fraud

Oct 13, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • So here are the dating app results for August 2020.
  • Bumble is preparing an «Is Romance Dead?» for Indians.
  • Muzmatch increases the choice of ethnicity.
  • Is Tinder doing all the necessary checks?
  • 22% of daters have been susceptible to fraud.



So here are the dating app results for August 2020.

Not surprisingly, Tinder is at the top of the list with approximately $ 83.5 million in user spend.

This demonstrates their growth by 7.8% compared to August of the previous year. Approximately 43% of Tinder’s revenue comes from US users, followed by 6% of UK users and 6% of Germany users.

The second place is occupied by Bumble with revenue of about $ 22.7 million. This beats the development efficiency of Tinder, as it is a roughly 16.8% increase over last year.

They were followed by the Pairs, Badoo, and MeetMe apps.

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Bumble is preparing an «Is Romance Dead?» for Indians.

Bumble is preparing a series of podcasts that focus on love and dating in the culture.

The goal of podcasts is to create unique content that celebrates relationships and love.

Produced by “Maed In India”, India’s first indie music podcast, the eight-part podcast series titled «Is Romance Dead?» will provide insight into romance culture and love through the talented voices of music, film, television, literature and science.

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Muzmatch increases the choice of ethnicity.

With an explosion of movements that are fighting for their rights, e.g. Black Lives Matter apps, several dating apps decided to get rid of ethnicity filters.

Some apps, like an Indian app Shaadi, has removed this filter, while others, like Match, on the contrary, began to defend it.

Muzmatch did it its own way, it removed all divisions into groups by color. And instead, they added regional groups such as European or West African.

According to Muzmatch statistics, approximately 50% of the matches happen between representatives of different nationalities, so the app team did not completely remove this division into groups.

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Is Tinder doing all the necessary checks?

ProPublica’s investigation proved that real sex offenders register on Tinder. To which Match Group responded that the company is unable to perform complete background checks. As this system is too expensive and unreliable.

But Match Group did find a solution to this situation. Now every user who does not go through the analysis on the platform successfully will receive a ban.

Also, the system has launched an API, which will allow tests to run in background.

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22% of daters have been susceptible to fraud.

In the past 12 months, 22% of online daters reported that they were subjected to fraudulent schemes and lost their accounts.

Along with the active growth of online dating during the pandemic, the number of Account Takeover scams has increased. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in 2019, Americans alone lost about $ 200 million, which is 40% more than the year before that.

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