My personal experience of using the Dating Pro platform shows that it works well.

Oct 11, 2020
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When I was engaged in the process, I wanted to compare this site with other providers in the dating software industry. I found that the offerings provided by Dating Pro are really advantageous.

I worked with the pre-sale person, Rina, for a while. Her responses to my questions were always timely, clear, and complete.
She did her best to explain some vital things that could shape my view of their product.

Now, I can say that DatingPro is my favorite site. This dating software platform offers a rather competitive price for the advertised products. That’s cool!
I found that the site’s documentation and demo versions are among the best.

Thanks to the creative presentation of the product’s values, I learned more about my own business needs. As a customer, I recognized the importance of the main product features and capabilities.
Do you agree that a good beginning makes a good ending? In my case, I was impressed by the offering and decided to start my own business right away. Dating Pro motivated me to make a serious decision, namely to create my own website. I collaborated with the Product Manager to determine the appropriate course of my business development.
Due to the functional variety, I had a chance to select the best options.

Now, I understand that the approach selected by me depends on effective customer support services. I would be happy to recommend this product to others.
I believe that two features influence my opinion: attractive customer benefits and the high level of the customer support team’s responsibility. I know that if you have confidence in what you’re doing, you trust people who help you to achieve your goals.

You’ll be lucky if you start collaborating with the Dating Pro platform! It’s really the dating software of the future!


Overall: Pre-sale: I started the process with an almost 4-month due diligence process comparing almost all providers in the industry and comparing their offerings from different angles. During the competition review, DatingPro was always amongst the most responsive and prepared. Their responses were quite complete and honest. They didn’t push me to buy their most expensive and complete pack but rather tried to understand what I was after. During the pre-sale process, I had more and deeper exchanges with them than with the other providers. The responses from the pre-sale person ([SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]) were always timely and complete. For each customization options, they provided accurate reasonable estimates usually within the next day, contrary to some of their competitors. After about three months, I retained three providers with DatingPro being already my favorite. In terms of price for the functionalities they offered, they were the most competitive. Their documentation and demo on their site were also among the best. In the end, I took the decision to build my site with them going following agreement on a Gant chart for the implementation plan. I have chosen to start from their Starting Pack to which I have added the add-ons I found most useful following my needs and also some customization on some differentiating aspects. Implementation phase: Though I am in the middle of the implementation, the process runs smoothly with also a great level of responsiveness and competence from their Team.

Pros: Value for money, simple set up, optional add-ons easy to add at any point in time, quality of the team
Cons: Not much at stage, I am 100% satisfied.
Reasons for Choosing PG Dating Pro: Value-for-money, responsiveness of their pre-sale team, feature-rich solution, configurable easily,”

Xavier C.

review from Capterra


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