Dating Pro software November 2021 update: Joint Network of active genuine members

Nov 30, 2021
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Today, we want to introduce you to the roll-out of our Dating Pro Network!

With our Network, you can launch your site and mobile apps with pre-populated active members.

You don’t have to worry about your new users having an empty dating experience. Connecting to Dating Pro Network will get genuine users right from the start.



How to connect to the Network

If your site is built on Dating Pro software (chat with us if you want to connect your third-party site or apps) the steps are pretty simple:

  1. Install the Network module on your site, or we can do the installation for you.
  2. Collect your activation key from our team.
  3. In your admin panel: filter the users that you want to download from the Network by the following criteria:
    – site niche
    – user’s gender
    – user’s sexual orientation
    – language
    – countries or continents
    – age range
  4. Save the changes, and “Connect” to the Network.



How it works

The Network collects all new users from all joint platforms and shares them with each other.

The process is:

  1. For the very first time, the Network server sends a request to your server to find out how many profiles there are on your site. The connection is renewed every minute.
  2. The server takes the users’ info from your site.
  3. Simultaneously your server starts to download users from the Network according to the filter criteria that you’ve selected during activation.
  4. When it is not the first time, the server will check the ID of the latest user you downloaded to make sure there are no duplicate entries.
  5. It is required that all site members agree to become part of the Network. People’s emails will not be visible and will not be collected into the network, other than as a hash value to check for repeated entries.
  6. Other Network partners will not be able to contact your site members or view their personal contact information (such as email address or password). Also, you will be able to leave the Network at any time and take your users with you.




How can I become a Network partner?

Simply contact our Support team to discuss your platform connection to the Network.

Is it obligatory to join the Network?

Not at all. You are free to decline our offer. We just want to help you populate your site faster, at the same time keeping your site members’ contact details safe.

How do I get the Network module?

The process is similar to getting any other Dating Pro module, the only difference being that the Network module is free. You can install it yourself following the manual or we can install it for you.

If your dating site is built on a third-party script, not the Dating Pro engine, contact us for a free estimate.

Is any legal work required?

We expect you to amend the Terms and Conditions of your site to ensure that the site members have been informed and agree to share their details with the Network.

We provide a sample agreement that you are free to modify, however maintaining in full force and effect the following provision(s):

“By signing up on the Website you agree that the following information about you including but not limited to: photographs, first name, last name, nickname, age, birthdate and other information will be downloaded in the Dating Pro Network. Your login information such as email address and password will be encrypted by the method of irreversible encryption and only used by the Network to confirm your identity.”

What are the system requirements?

-PCNTL and POSIX extensions for PHP
-Enabled functions pcntl_fork(), pcntl_signal(), pcntl_signal_dispatch(), posix_setsid(), posix_kill()

What information will be requested of my site members?

This is the list of the user information that we will collect from your site.

-user ID in your website
-email as hash value md5(
-gender (male, female, transgender)
-who the user is looking to meet (male, female, transgender, all)
-first name and last name
-language according to ISO 639-1
-profile icon URL
-country code according to ISO 3166-1 A2
-postal code or alternative (no specific format is required)
-latitude (decimal)
-longitude (decimal)
-date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd)
-partner min age
-partner max age
-additional photos URLs
-additional profile info (array) including:

—user’s marital status
—the purpose of signing up on the site
—body type
—eye color and hair color
—whether the user has and wants children
—smoking and drinking habits
—hobbies info

What is the cost of the service?

The cost of the service is completely free. However, we retain the right to change the pricing policy at a later date, with advance notice.

How can I leave the Network?

Contact us to have your site disconnected from the Network. Your site members who joined the Network will be removed from the Network servers and all Partner sites where they have been downloaded. All members who were downloaded to your site from the Network will be made inactive.

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