Dating Site Marketing Strategy

Jul 2, 2020
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Currently, one of the most competitive business directions is online dating. The owner of such web resource needs to understand that being in the TOP of the most popular requests will be very difficult, especially if the budget has significant limitations.


Main Features

Dating sites are just as important a thing in our lives as online shopping or news apps. This is a type of social network that was created for people in an active search for friends or a life partner.

It should be highlighted that Internet marketing will not help on the path to success if the site itself does not meet current requirements. Users are quite sophisticated with the wide functionality and capabilities of market leaders. It’s important not just to copy the competitor’s solutions, but to find perfect design ideas. Only original features can attract an audience to a new project. Otherwise, the budget for advertising a dating site will be wasted. Therefore, before starting the promotion, you need to carefully consider the creation of personal accounts, the main page, the search system, the logic of communications, and other functionality.

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But the topic of creating a dating site is definitely a separate idea, and now we will talk about the intricacies of its promotion. For effective promotion, you need to remember the following features of the niche, such as:

  1. Actively search and attract a new audience. So that a dating site does not gradually turn into a narrow circle of interests, you need to constantly pour new blood. Users use filters to search for potential acquaintances. As a result, even if the site has hundreds of thousands of accounts, one person is faced with a fairly limited circle of people. So the steady influx of new users is rather important.
  2. Maximum efforts to create a permanent audience. Perfect use of a dating site should regularly spend time on the resource. Web analytics tools identify critical exit points that need to be analyzed and addressed. Email marketing works well in retaining and promoting users.
  3. Using a wide range of Internet marketing tools. It is important to apply all effective promotion methods. But their use should not be carried out blindly. If analytics shows that the method is unprofitable, then it can be abandoned after several attempts at optimization.



What to focus on from the very beginning?

First, you need to prepare the site in accordance with the expectations of users and the requirements of search engines. Particular emphasis should be placed on the functionality and usability of the interface. You also need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Navigation. The main element of a dating site is the search filter. It is necessary to take care of a fairly wide range of available criteria.
  2. The quality of custom photos. Visual images greatly influence people’s behavior. Important feature image compression tools must allow all users to open a picture in high resolution.
  3. Communication tools. It is necessary to give people maximum opportunities for communication. In addition to personal correspondence, you need to implement the functions of commenting, sending graphic gifts, and showing likes.
  4. A payment system. If the user wants to use the paid functionality, then he does not need to look for this opportunity. Consider the maximum number of payment methods.
  5. Combat Spam. Dating sites are attractive sites for a link and semantic spam. Before the promotion start, you need to take care of the implementation of filters that will block unscrupulous users. Otherwise, in the near future, search engines will perceive the resource as a reference garbage dump.

You need to start promoting a dating site with awareness and appreciation of the difficult moments that will have to be overcome. Without this, it will be impossible to draw up an adequate strategy and calculate the necessary budget. The promotion of the project will be accompanied by such difficulties as:

  • filling features
  • high competition
  • low loyalty to a new resource

Not all Internet marketing tools work in this niche. But we can identify areas that will definitely help in the development of the project:

  • Search Engine Promotion (SEO).
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Social networks.
  • Crowd marketing.

Now consider the features of each of these channels in more detail.


Search Engine Promotion (SEO)

SEO is the basis for the development of any dating site. Topical queries generate hundreds of thousands of views per month. High-quality optimization will help to get a significant share of this traffic. Advantages of Search Engine Promotion are as follows:

  • long-lasting effect;
  • attracting the target audience;
  • high conversion;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • formation of a loyal attitude of the audience.

Promoting a dating site in search engines will be difficult due to high competition. It is important to create an extensive semantic core that will cover all the possible interests of the target audience. First, you need to focus on promoting low-frequency queries. To grow positions in the most popular phrases, you will need links from authoritative external resources.


Contextual advertising

This tool is effective, but you need to use it carefully. The auction format for generating cost per click and high competition makes advertising on a dating site quite expensive. Before the campaign started, you need to make careful calculations. Moreover, only some accounts will use paid services. You can reduce the cost of a click by going into niches with less competition. For example, you can use key phrases with an exact regional reference. The advantages of contextual advertising are as follows:

  • fast generation of targeted traffic;
  • full control of campaigns at any stage;
  • advanced targeting tools;
  • detailed analytics;
  • the ability to publish ads on specific partner sites.

SEO is a good way to attract the main core of users for a young project.

Some sites may seem not very suitable for promoting a dating site. Why should users switch to a third-party resource if they can easily find someone on the social network? But in fact, there are circumstances that destroy this theory. First of all, dating sites are gathered people who are already open to communication. They reasonably went through the registration process in order to be invited to get to know each other. The chance to face the same openness on social networks is much less. And you also need to consider that social network users are somewhat related to the attention of their friends from real life. A dating site gives you complete freedom. Advantages of promotion on social networks:

  • wide coverage of the target audience;
  • the possibility of direct contact;
  • formation of an active community;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • a wide range of analytical tools;
  • a large selection of criteria for targeting.

In the simplest version, promotion using social networks involves the use of internal targeted advertising. This is a working tool, but the maximum effect can be achieved with the active development of your own community and the use of a full range of SMM marketing.


Crowd marketing

This is an effective hidden promotion tool that works very well for dating sites. Its use is the preparation and publication of partisan commentaries. Crowd marketing allows us to receive free and high-quality links, but in the case of a dating site, this is not the main goal. One of the most important features is to create a good reputation for the brand. Comments work well that talk about the benefits of the service. Female audiences are often susceptible to stories that someone found their love on this dating site. The benefits of crowd marketing are:

  • does not require large budgets;
  • increase in targeted traffic;
  • improving brand awareness;
  • safety of use;
  • formation of a high-quality link profile;
  • wide audience reach.

The successful application of crowdfunding techniques will require professional tools. But you need to remember that efficient work is largely determined by the qualifications of the contractor. It’s better not to save on this, otherwise, reviews and comments will look unnatural, and this will only harm the reputation of a dating site.



Integrated promotion strategy: only proven ways to promote dating sites SEO

So, here you have decided on the need to promote your portal since it does not bring you a substantial income. The professional team can carry out the effective promotion of sites of any subject, including dating sites.

What is an effective promotion strategy based on? Here are the key conditions for integrated promotion:

  1. Unique concept. If you enter the phrase “dating site” into the search, then hundreds of such sites will appear. This suggests that the niche is very competitive, so breaking into high positions here will be quite difficult. But you can. And the platform concept will help in promoting dating sites. Do not copy famous dating sites when creating your site. Come up with a “twist” that will hook visitors to your site and increase the audience of your site. If there is no idea – contact us, our team is creative, has an excellent imagination, which will allow us to develop a new concept for a dating site.
  2. Audience identification. One of the most obvious problems when promoting dating sites is the identification of the target audience. This is due to the fact that such sites in most cases are aimed at thousands of people of different ages, sex, professions, status. If you want to promote the site in the TOP search engine results, we recommend that you choose a specific target audience.
  3. Return on investment. The advertisement is the engine of the trade. We are all well aware of this slogan. The sphere of promotion and comprehensive promotion of dating sites is no exception. A certain part of the budget is spent on online advertising, and sometimes a large part. Therefore, it is so important that advertising of a dating site hits exactly the target, attracts the attention of the target audience, and contributes to their conversion into real users. How to make an advertising campaign perfect? To trust professionals in the field of SEO website promotion and not risk their own finances, trying to set up contextual advertising on their own. This will help to avoid unnecessary expenses, which often accompany new sites with independent search engine promotion.
  4. Monitoring results. The promotion of a dating site will be effective only when SEO specialists constantly monitor indicators, analyze search traffic, and identify possible reasons for users from the site. Only monitoring the results, coupled with the continuous improvement of the functionality of the site, the development of new “chips” for users will make the dating site a truly effective project.


To sum up

A dating site is a promising business that does not lose and does not lose its relevance. It has no geographical restrictions, so the owner can be anywhere, directing coverage to specific regions. But successful monetization is possible only if there is an active and massive user audience. The following Internet marketing tools will help to develop the project to such a state:

  • search promotion;
  • contextual advertising;
  • promotion in social networks;
  • crowd marketing.

The design and creation of a marketing campaign is a complex process that requires a professional approach.




Where to start the promotion?

Before the start of direct website promotion, you should pay attention to the quality of the product and create a truly competitive platform that meets all the needs of your target audience.

What is the cost of a promotion project?

The cost is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the project.

How fast will I see the result of the promotion?

The speed of achieving the result depends on a large number of factors: the reputation of the domain, the age of the site, the presence of the site in the blacklists of search engines, and others. Without initial website analytics, it’s impossible to talk about the speed of achieving the result.

What should be done to guarantee more effective work?

Promptly provide information for posting on the site, make payments on time according to the tariff plan and take part in the discussion of your project.

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