Find Virtual Love In The Metaverse With New Dating App

Nov 29, 2023
2 minutes to read

Nevermet, a groundbreaking dating app, is specifically designed for VR enthusiasts seeking connections in the virtual realm. This innovative platform allows users to create social profiles, applying age and gender filters to find matches. Unlike traditional dating apps like Tinder or Hinge, Nevermet focuses on virtual personas. Users upload images and videos of their VR avatars, such as those from VRChat. The unique aspect of Nevermet is its prohibition of human faces, encouraging users to connect based on their avatar’s movements, style, and voice, not physical appearance.

The creators of Nevermet, Cheerio, envision it as a solution for the challenges of finding a VR boyfriend or girlfriend (VRBF/VRGF). It aims to simplify the process of finding romantic connections in VR and the Metaverse, much like Tinder did in the real world, while also welcoming those seeking friendships. This platform leverages VR technology’s potential to create authentic connections in fantastical environments, offering experiences like playing ping pong, riding unicorns, or virtually visiting Paris on a first date.

Users have expressed appreciation for the unique experiences VR dating offers, especially for those in long-distance relationships or seeking more than just text-based interactions. Success stories, such as a couple meeting in VR Chat, falling in love with each other’s voices, and eventually marrying, highlight the real-world impact of these virtual connections.

For those interested in exploring virtual relationships, the Nevermet app is freely available for download on iOS, with more information accessible on website.

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