How much do dating sites earn N20

Nov 29, 2023
< 1 minute read

Dating sites employ various monetization strategies, such as subscription models, freemium models, in-app purchases, direct advertising cooperation, and shared advertising revenue.

While subscription-based sites like offer tiered pricing, freemium sites like Badoo offer basic services for free and generate revenue through ads or premium features. Tinder, a leader in the dating app market, leverages in-app purchases like Tinder Gold and advertising campaigns, including a notable one with Budweiser. The choice of monetization strategy is akin to selecting a romantic partner and can evolve with market trends and technology. For instance, Tinder generates $1,469 per minute through its paid services, while Bumble earns $172 per minute.

Revenue tracking tools like, Sensor Tower, and Similarweb provide insights into competitors’ revenue and strategies.

How exactly do dating sites make money? You can learn more about the types of monetization and business models in the Dating Pro article.

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