Meet the New Release of the Dating Software by PG Dating Pro

Jun 28, 2017
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PG Dating Pro: Meet the new version of the acclaimed dating software 2017.11

The new version of the PG Dating Pro software 2017.11 is called Dating Pro Kilig. Kilig is a Tagalog word meaning the feeling of excitement and butterflies in one’s stomach during various romantic situations such as making the first eye contact with one’s crush or watching another person propose to someone, and so on. So we thought it would be fitting for a dating site script.

The highlights of Dating Pro Kilig are 5 new design themes and a better system of notifications.

What are the new features in PG Dating Pro 2017.11?

1. Five new design themes, based on our orchid series of landing pages, are part of every license package. The colour schemes of the internal pages match the colours on the main page.

PG Dating Software: New design themes in version 2017.11

2. On the Settings page, users can subscribe to receive site notifications by email or on the desktop, or unsubscribe if they so choose.

PG Dating Pro: Notifications system

3. In an effort to improve the churn rate and bring more users back to the site, we have added photos and colours to the most popular site notifications that the users receive from the dating site. The list includes the following notifications:

-someone has visited my page
-someone wants to be friends with me
-someone has added me to their favourites
-someone has sent me a new message
-someone has liked me in the LikeMe game and I now have a match
-someone has sent me an association
-someone has sent me a question/has replied to my question
-someone has sent me a virtual gift
-notifications from the online store

This is a sample notification:

PG Dating Pro: HTML notifications from the dating site

4. The site administrator also receives regular notifications with the number of newly registered members. By default, the information is collected and sent out every 6 hours.

5. A much-awaited feature makes it easier for the new site members to complete their profile by giving them visible hints. Click on every button opens a pop-up window where the person can fill out the missing info.

PG Dating Pro dating software: Activate profile

6. When the site owner wants to delegate some of his or her duties to moderators, it is easy to limit the moderator access with the improved permissions system.

PG Dating Pro: Moderator permissions

7. You can conveniently put your own copyright on your dating site directly from the administrator control panel. All site languages are supported.

PG Dating Pro: Built-in copyright editor for your dating site

Other changes and improvements:

8. When a person’s profile picture is under moderation, it is pixelated for the other site members.

9. The site administrator can edit user’s gender (user type) from the control panel.

10. We’ve also started improving the account page and will continue working on the payments history, paid services and payments statistics.

PG Dating Pro: User's personal account with the dating site


And there is more. View Dating Pro Kilig in action in a free online dating site demo.

We’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and comments on the new version 2017.11. Post your comments below, come to chat with us or call 1-844-273-0305 (toll-free in the US)!


The title photo in this blog post is by Ryan Jacques at Unsplash.

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