MM Dating App Merges Tech with Real-Life Experiences and Secures £600K in Funding

Sep 15, 2023
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Online dating, now the most common way for couples to meet, is desegregating America

Short summary:

  • MM, the innovative dating app, seamlessly combines digital interaction with real-life dating experiences. The platform has recently garnered a significant £600K in seed funding.
  • Not just your average dating app, MM allows members to engage online, or curate an IRL (In Real Life) profile to connect with potential matches in real-world settings such as local restaurants, music festivals, and bars. This facilitates genuine real-time interactions.
  • MM has already celebrated over 2 million matches, leading to numerous relationships, engagements, and marriages. Dayo expressed immense pride in the heartwarming success stories shared by members, reinforcing the team’s commitment to the platform.
  • While MM is inclusive, welcoming members of all backgrounds, the app holds a unique position by acknowledging and respecting cultural nuances especially within the African, Caribbean, and African-American communities.

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