Startup Roundup – 8th September

Sep 15, 2023
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Short summary:

GDI, keenly observing emerging players and innovative solutions in the online dating arena, collaborates with The Social Discovery Group to spotlight disruptive startups.

Highlighted Startups:

  1. Datelink: Revolutionizing dating with its unique technology, Datelink offers wearable dating profiles. With a ring or a dot affixed to the back of a phone, users can tap and instantly share their profiles to another person’s device without needing an app.
  2. BeFake: As the pioneering AI-enhanced social network, BeFake emphasizes fun over authenticity. It alleviates the stress of curating perfect moments by enabling users to produce captivating content via AI.
  3. Mila: Redefining matchmaking with AI, Mila introduces compatible individuals to each other, facilitating new connections.

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