Stopping Scammers on Your Dating Website

Apr 8, 2015
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Stopping Dating Scammers by Scamalytics

This article is a guest post kindly provided by Dave Wiseman, VP Sales at Scamalytics. Scamalytics is a popular technological solution aimed to stop online dating fraud and to help dating site members and owners have a secure online experience.

Did you know that you can be closed down if you don’t make reasonable efforts to stop scammers? At the iDate conference in Las Vegas Steve Baker of the US Federal Trade Commission made it clear that he was moving from a passive position to making sure that dating websites take reasonable steps to stop scammers using their sites. Of course it makes sense to do what you can to stop them because

  1. New members are put off by scammers – if you want users to stay then keep your site clean.
  2. Up to 50% of all chargebacks come from scammers using stolen cards – each one costs you money to process and increases your processing rates.
  3. You don’t want the bad PR (I lost $250,000 from a scammer I met in xxx dating site).

To help you know more about the scams that you might see, Global Dating Insights worked with Scamalytics to provide a report into the scams that occur. Download a free copy at this link: GDI-Scammers-Online-Dating-Fraud-Scamalytics.pdf 30.2MB

If you’d like to know more about the range of services that Scamalytics offer to help identify scammers BEFORE they sign up at your site, please contact Dave at

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