10 best services for masking in Twitter to get dating traffic, including through affiliate partners

Jan 12, 2024
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In the world of digital marketing and affiliate marketing, more and more new promotion methods are appearing, each of which is aimed at bypassing the complex and strict rules of the main advertising platforms.

One such method is cloaking, a complex but effective technique that has already proven its value in affiliate marketing, especially on social networks such as Twitter.

In this article, we’ll look at what cloaking is in affiliate marketing and introduce the 10 best cloaking services designed specifically for Twitter.

What is a Twitter Affiliate Marketing Clock

In 2023, the world of affiliate marketing will face unusually strict rules and requirements for content moderation. In this reality, affiliate marketers are often faced with the need to promote offers in high-profit verticals such as dating sites or online casinos. However, most ad networks, including Twitter, strictly prohibit such promotions. This leaves affiliate marketers with a choice: either give up the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars in a few days, or find a workaround.

Disguise in affiliate marketing is just such a workaround. This method involves creating multiple web pages with different content. Bots and moderators are shown the so-called White Page – a harmless page that passes all checks and does not violate the rules of advertising platforms. In this case, real users are shown the Offer Page – a page with an advertisement for an offer that actually violates the rules of the platform.

Masking is a type of deception of traffic systems. It allows creatives that would otherwise be banned to be moderated.

Today, cloaking is actively used by affiliate marketers working with offers that are in the “gray” or even “black” zone. For example, there are millions of gambling clubs on Facebook, despite the social network’s negative attitude towards gambling.

The main advantage of masquerading is its ability to filter out unwanted traffic. This helps reduce your advertising budget by excluding users from inappropriate geographies or bots. Affiliate marketers create multiple copies of pages, and only the target audience sees the actual advertising product.

In addition, masking is used to protect profitable creatives and advertising packages from theft, identify client IP addresses, and protect against spying services. In the past, it was popular among SEO specialists who used it to create internet sites based on key queries. However, modern search engine algorithms have already learned to recognize such methods, which makes them less effective.

How does Twitter cloaking work

Twitter obfuscation is the clever use of software scripts and background checks to bypass the platform’s moderation systems and combat fraud. When the web server receives a request, a special script analyzes the user data (user-agent or IP address) and determines whether the user is a bot, moderator or regular user. Based on this information, the server provides the corresponding page: a “white” page (White Page) for bots and moderators and a real advertising page (Offer Page) for real users.

This is achieved by filtering user data. If the username is in the database, he is redirected to the White Page, otherwise he is shown the real offer. However, bots are constantly evolving, learning how to bypass the cesspool by changing their names. In addition, moderators can log in under the guise of regular users, which makes using User-Agent in itself insufficiently effective.

A more advanced method is to identify users by IP address. Even if a bot or moderator changes their name, they can still be identified by their IP. However, with the development of detection-resistant browsers and proxy servers, hiding your digital fingerprint has become easier. The question is whether anti-fraud systems will devote additional resources to combating fraud, given that quality tools are expensive. For now, camouflage remains an effective method.

Types of cloaking:

1. White cloaking is the legal sorting of users based on various parameters such as geographic location or interests. This is not a disguise or a scam, but rather a smart way to manage traffic to weed out the bulk of traffic and clicks that don’t convert. When using white cloaking, all users see the same content and the platform rules are not violated.

2.Gray masking is a border zone where the legality of actions is on the verge of violating the rules of certain services. This may include SEO techniques in which search engine robots are shown one page and humans are shown another. While this approach is not illegal, it is against the rules of most search engines. In affiliate marketing, gray cloaking is used to speed up the moderation of controversial creatives such as weight loss ads, dietary supplements, or dating sites. In some cases, especially in the betting and gambling industry, camouflage allows you to bypass the restrictions imposed by major platforms and make money on high-yield offers.

3. Blackjacking is the use of camouflage to promote illegal content or activities, such as advertising porn or online casinos in regions where it is prohibited. This is a form of deception that violates not only the rules of advertising platforms, but also the law. Black hat is also used to hide the source of traffic that may be prohibited by affiliate networks, such as traffic from adult or branded sites. This method comes with a lot of risks, including the possibility of getting banned by the platform and legal consequences.

10 Best Twitter Masking Services

1. Keitaro stands out from other cloaking services with its comprehensive approach to affiliate marketing and cloaking. It is a professional advertising tracker that offers high-quality masking services at the same time. Users can set up up to five different types of redirects for direct traffic, including 302, JS, Meta, CURL, and custom solutions, making it an ideal tool for complex affiliate marketing campaigns.

Trial: 14 days
Pricing: Starter for $52/month, Advanced for $95/month, Expert for $137/month

2. Adspect is an advanced platform designed to protect online advertising campaigns. This service combines masking, bot filtering, anti-spying protection and comprehensive statistics. It’s easy to use and versatile, making it suitable for a variety of online advertising, including Twitter campaigns.

Fraud protection: $300 per month (limit of 20 streams, statistics for 3 months).
Disguise: $500 per month (unlimited streams and clicks, six months of statistics).

3. IM KLO is a cloaking service developed by Im Group in 2018. It offers a unique approach to protecting advertising campaigns, making it useful for webmasters, advertisers and affiliate marketers. This product is especially valuable for those looking to avoid ad account bans, which is an important aspect when working on platforms such as Twitter.

Additional Information
Price: $330 for a lifetime license with no monthly fee.

4. CPA Tracker is an analytical link management system designed to conduct an in-depth analysis of clicks on advertising links. This service allows webmasters and affiliate marketers to gain detailed insight into who is clicking on their links and why, which in turn helps optimize advertising campaigns and increase the effectiveness of targeted actions. The main advantages of CPA Tracker are a flexible analysis system and a wide selection of link types for studying the target audience.

5. Ads Approved specializes in creating high-quality white pages (Safe Page) for advertising campaigns. This solution is designed to improve the quality and security of advertising campaigns. The service provides unique, handcrafted websites with original content to avoid looking like cookie-cutter sites and ensure successful moderation.

6. MagicChecker is an English-language service that offers cloaking and anti-plagiarism solutions for affiliate marketing. This is especially useful for protecting websites or landing pages from questionable traffic such as bots, ad tracking tools, VPNs, and proxies. MagicChecker allows you to effectively redirect such traffic to alternative pages, thereby protecting advertising creatives from theft and copying.

Pricing: Demo period is 7 days, paid plans range from $199 per month to $1,908 per year.

7. FairLab is an advanced camouflage service equipped with an automated neural network. This network is able to automatically change addresses when they are blocked and optimize the content of pages to make them more “human”. The cost of using the service is 240 euros per month.

Prices: At €240 per month, FairLab is suitable for confident and self-sufficient projects.


In the realm of digital romance, leveraging specialized masking tools for the dating niche can be a game-changer. Each service offers distinct features, perfectly harmonized with the nuances of online dating platforms. Navigating this landscape requires finesse, but when done right, it can revolutionize your approach to digital dating. By effectively using these masking solutions, you enhance your presence in the digital dating world, paving the way for more meaningful connections and successful matches.

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