After facing rejections in dating apps due to disability, I founded my own site: a journey of starting a dating website

Jan 17, 2024
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Jacqueline Child


Becoming disabled at age 14 due to a chronic illness radically changed my life. After 40 surgeries for conditions including lupus and dysautonomia, I am 29 years old and have adapted to living with invisible problems such as chronic pain and tube feedings.

Over time, I learned to manage these issues, but dating remained challenging. In a conversation with Jacqueline Child of Dateability, a dating app for disabled people, we discussed their under-appreciated dating needs. Dateability offers a free, mobile-friendly platform that stands out in the adult dating and software script market.

This app not only makes romantic connections easier, but also changes the perception of disability in relationships by emphasizing their right to connect in a variety of ways. It highlights the importance of inclusive platforms in changing the conversation around disability and accessibility in relationships.

An Outsider’s Judgment: The Dilemma of Parenthood for Me

Over decades, my journey with dating apps, as a person with an initially invisible disability, has been fraught with challenges. The dilemma of disclosing my disability to potential partners often led to shock or discrimination, making the dating process complex.

I often felt compelled to hide my disability, resorting to fabricated stories to avoid uncomfortable truths during dates. This concealment wasn’t always possible, especially in situations requiring physical activities like walking, where my recent surgery for a connective tissue disorder became a topic of conversation. Disclosing my condition sometimes elicited insensitive remarks, particularly regarding the genetics of future children.

Such experiences pushed me to frequently delete these apps, seeking a more inclusive platform for disabled or chronically ill individuals. Unfortunately, my searches were often met with disappointment due to the prevalence of bots and fetishization of disability on niche platforms.

This recurring cycle of hope and disillusionment in mainstream mobile dating apps highlighted the need for a better solution for individuals like myself.

Overcoming Internalized Ableism: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Therapy

I initially avoided dating those with chronic illnesses due to my own disability-related insecurities, shaped by societal stigma. Therapy helped me break free from these internalized biases, highlighting the value of shared experiences in relationships.

I now appreciate connecting with others facing similar health challenges, seeking partners who share my life values. While not actively dating, I am optimistic about meeting a compatible partner through dating apps. These platforms, often free and mobile-friendly, cater to adult relationships and offer a promising avenue for finding someone who resonates with my experiences.

Creating Connections: Our Journey to Develop a Dating App for Love

In 2021, after surgery for a feeding tube, I became anxious about dating, particularly on apps like Bumble. My sister Alexa and I addressed this challenge by creating Dateability, a unique, free dating app for the disabled and chronically ill community, launched in October 2022.

This pioneering mobile app, now with almost 11,000 users, simplifies dating for its community by easing the disclosure of disabilities. Features like ‘Dateability Deets’ allow users to comfortably share their conditions, fostering a normal and inclusive environment.

Dateability’s success stories, from couples moving in together to anxiety-free first dates, highlight its positive impact. It has not only connected people but also boosted my confidence and reshaped my outlook on dating with a disability.

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