Launch your own dating service using Dating Pro on the new Apple Vision Pro

Jan 18, 2024
2 minutes to read

Sales of Apple Vision Pro will start on February 2 in the US, pre-orders from January 19. The price tag, as promised, is $3500.

Apple says the device will be available in “more countries” later this year.

The glasses are based on their own App Store and support for applications from iOS and iPadOS. As a result, the number of applications at launch will exceed a million – many times more than any analogue.

For developers there are Apple tools (visionOS SDK), integrations with Unity and Unreal Engine. The other day, all developers were sent a letter with guidelines for preparing applications for the new site.

Get your Dating App on Apple Vision Pro through the order of Dating App Utilizing XR, VR, AR, and MR Technologies. You can manage it through Dating Pro. VR will become a new channel in addition to the usual ones – Web and Mobile apps. Reduce your dating website and app development expenses from $300,000 to less than 1% with the Dating Pro platform, available from $99. Dating Pro is the ready-made dating softwareYou might also be interested in the guide “Dating in: XR, VR, AR, MR. Competitors of Apple Vision Pro.

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