Top 15 Mobile App Rentals Services

Oct 14, 2023
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In today’s technological era, smartphones transcend their status as mere devices; they serve as mirrors reflecting our daily routines, interests, and aspirations. These pocket-sized computing powerhouses unlock boundless possibilities through mobile apps. Each tap and swipe in this realm carries significance, resonating within the vast expanse of the digital economy.

The Soaring Expansion of the Mobile Realm

The mobile industry’s growth trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. In 2021, app downloads surged by an impressive 5%, skyrocketing to an astounding 230 billion. These figures represent more than numerical data; they signify profound shifts in consumer behavior and daily routines. Users now devote an average of 4.8 hours per day to apps, a 30% increase from the 3.4 hours recorded in 2019. This surge underscores the ever-expanding role of mobile apps, encompassing an increasing array of aspects in our lives.

Day by day, this domain is drawing in a growing number of affiliate marketers eager to claim their portion of this vast and expanding market. The competition is fierce, transforming every available market segment into a battleground. Those who once found easy profits in this realm are now encountering significant challenges. In this intense struggle for user attention, every tool and resource becomes invaluable.

A Wealth of Opportunities for Novices and Experts Alike

Newcomers often step into this realm with hopes of swiftly maximizing profits while minimizing expenses on domains, hosting, lending development, and more. However, ascending to the pinnacle of the digital hierarchy isn’t a journey everyone can successfully undertake. This is precisely where mobile affiliate marketing app services come to the rescue, providing solutions that can significantly simplify this path.

This transformation not only unveils fresh possibilities for affiliate marketers but also grants users a broader spectrum of choices, establishing them as the reigning figures in this digital domain. But which services lead the pack in the realm of mobile affiliate marketing? The upcoming sections will introduce you to ten such services, each distinguished in its own right, offering innovative solutions and features to help you navigate this world with expertise.

Top 15 Mobile App Rental Services for Affiliate Marketing

  1. App Solution

    • App Solution specializes in offering WebView apps for various verticals.
    • Rental rates start at $0.04 per installation.
    • Contact via Telegram bot @AppSolution_bot.
    • Supports integration with systems like 1C, Bitrix, amoCRM, and more.
    • Offers unique and stylish designs, especially for casino-style apps.
    • 14 days of free use for new users, followed by competitive pricing.
  2. Traffic Devils

    • Specializes in affiliate marketing and app rentals, with prices starting from $0.38.
    • Offers secure transactions and various account types for different purposes.
    • Supports various platforms like Facebook, Google UAC, Tik-Tok, and more.
    • 24/7 technical support via Telegram: @tdshop_support.
    • Wide range of tools and creative solutions for advertising campaigns.
  3. TD APPS

    • From the Traffic Devils arbitration team, with a starting cost of $350.
    • Focuses on gambling and betting apps for Android.
    • Offers free CPI (cost per install) and flexible pricing based on volume.
    • Access to over 563 apps for attracting traffic.
    • Suitable for aspiring traffickers with automated processes and support.
  4. MagicApps

    • Platform for automating work with mobile applications.
    • Ideal for webmasters and affiliate marketers.
    • Offers personalized app promotion solutions.
    • Simple interface with various sections for managing campaigns.
    • Provides push notifications and user engagement tools.
  5. NSQ Market

    • Service offering rentals of gambling apps for Android, starting at $0.05 per installation.
    • Transparent payment system and easy integration with TDS.
    • Unique app designs and long-lived apps with volume discounts.
    • Suitable for those targeting the Russian and English-speaking markets.
  6. iRent Market

    • iOS app rental platform for launching and optimizing ad campaigns.
    • Cost of access starts at $3 to create a single link.
    • Offers features like link generation, user warming, and optimization.
    • Integration with Facebook and TikTok pixels for campaign optimization.

    • Service that turns websites into applications without programming.
    • Ideal for expanding online businesses and improving customer interaction.
    • Offers cloud hosting, analytics, push notifications, and more.
    • User-friendly interface with various pricing options.

    • iOS app rental service for advertising offers through trusted apps.
    • Allows customization of push notifications and offers cloaking.
    • Affordable pricing starting at $2 and suitable for automation.
    • Good choice for iOS app rentals and advertising campaigns.
  9. Excelsior

    • Mobile app rental service for increasing conversion rates on Facebook and TikTok.
    • Offers features like audience transfer, push notifications, and aggressive design.
    • Automated system with user-friendly interface.
    • Suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers.

    • App rental marketplace, especially for the gambling industry.
    • Offers a wide selection, quality control, and easy customization.
    • Provides personalized push notifications and analytics tools.
    • Affordable pricing starting at $0.04 per install.
  11. Wildwildapps

    • Service for renting gambling apps for online casinos, betting, and more.
    • Offers ready-made apps, ongoing support, and updates.
    • Saves time and resources on app development and testing.
    • Ideal for launching gambling businesses quickly.
  12. Gambling Apps Store

    • Online store for finding gambling apps with no registration required.
    • Provides detailed reviews, easy search, and user ratings.
    • Offers a wide selection of free apps.
    • Convenient resource for gambling enthusiasts.
  13. WelcomePartners

    • Service for experienced webmasters working with affiliate programs, especially in the casino industry.
    • Requires proof of successful campaigns and experience.
    • Provides access to a fully functioning application with a unique code.
    • Offers earnings based on player losses or referrals.

    • Service for creating and launching PWAs for advertising campaigns.
    • Suitable for gambling, betting, and cryptocurrency niches.
    • Offers quick PWA creation, push notifications, and cloaking.
    • Convenient pricing and functionality for affiliate marketers.
  15. TheAFF Apps

    • Extension for gambling affiliate marketing from affiliate network.
    • Offers low-cost apps and an active affiliate program.
    • Suitable for beginners with simple signup and unique app naming.
    • Features push notifications and audience analysis tools.

These mobile app rental services cater to various niches and offer a range of features to help affiliate marketers optimize their advertising campaigns and attract traffic. Choose the one that aligns with your specific needs and goals in the affiliate marketing industry.

Smart Investment: Is Mobile App Rental Worth It?

Affiliate marketing in the realm of mobile apps is akin to an art form that demands not only knowledge and expertise but also financial investment. It’s a world that lures both novices and seasoned professionals with the promise of lucrative returns, provided you navigate its complex terrain wisely. So, what’s the cost of entry into this domain, and what’s necessary to successfully navigate its competitive landscape?

Opportunities and Challenges: Navigating the Competitive Landscape The current mobile app market resembles a densely populated maze, where each newcomer strives to find their path to success. However, the high level of competition and a continuous influx of contenders vying for digital real estate turn every available space into a battleground.

Blank Slate or Pre-Made Solutions: The Affiliate Marketer’s Conundrum Affiliate marketers face a critical choice: should they acquire programming skills and create their applications from scratch or opt for ready-made solutions? In theory, developing technically straightforward, auto-generated apps (e.g., via Unity) might seem appealing, but practice tells a different story. Overcoming the hurdles of passing moderation in platforms like Google Play and the App Store becomes a significant challenge. This is precisely where the question of the cost-effectiveness of your investment arises.

Renting Apps as a Simple and Effective Solution Renting pre-built mobile apps presents a viable solution to this quandary. Not only is it more cost-effective than self-development, which can incur expenses of up to $5,000, but it’s also quicker and more convenient. Subscribing to a pre-made app can involve monthly payments or be tied to installation costs, offering flexible options that accommodate various budgets and strategies.

Where to Find Pre-Made Solutions?

The internet is teeming with websites offering automated app delivery and independent sellers promoting their products through messaging platforms. Nevertheless, the latter option tends to be less dependable and necessitates trust in the seller’s credibility.

The Everlasting Battle: Android vs. iOS

The Apple user base is highly appealing due to their purchasing power, but engaging with it demands more expertise and know-how. Beginners with modest budgets are recommended to begin with Android, honing their skills and moderation practices on this platform before venturing into the more enclosed and stringent iOS ecosystem.

Day trading, gambling, and other conventional verticals serve as excellent entry points for newcomers with limited resources. These niches provide straightforward and well-established earning models.

Wise Investment: Is Renting Mobile Apps a Valuable Choice?

Engaging in affiliate marketing within the realm of mobile apps is a unique art that demands not only expertise and proficiency but also financial investment. This domain attracts both novices and seasoned experts, holding the promise of significant rewards with the right strategy. Yet, what is the cost of entry into this realm, and what resources are required to effectively navigate its dynamic landscape?

Pathways to Prosperity: Commencing Your Journey

In the realm of mobile affiliate marketing, your journey towards success commences with the selection of an app strategy. The path you opt for will significantly influence your prospects for success and the extent of investment required to attain your objectives.

  1. Building an App from Scratch Pros: Complete autonomy, the ability to tailor the app to your preferences. Cons: Time, expenses, and technical expertise.
  2. Utilizing Affiliate Network Plugins Pros: Established solutions, minimal complications. Cons: Additional expenditures, lack of uniqueness.
  3. App Rentals Pros: Cost-effectiveness, an extensive selection, a competitive supplier landscape. Cons: Reliance on vendors, potential customization constraints.

Buying vs. Renting: The Bright and Dark Sides of Digital Assets

Purchasing an App: Pros:

  1. Cost Savings: Compared to development costs, there are clear financial benefits.
  2. Finished Product: The application is ready to use upon purchase.
  3. Access to Source Code: The ability to customize the app to suit your needs.
  4. Push Notifications: A tool to maintain user engagement.
  5. Pay per Install: A more profitable monetization method compared to subscriptions.
  6. Moderation: Simplifies the process of publishing on marketplaces.


  1. Risk of Ban: The possibility of having a developer’s account suspended is ever-present.
  2. Difficulty with Updating: Each update requires moderator review.
  3. Fraud Risk: Finding an honest seller can be challenging.
  4. Quality Check: A lack of technical skills or access to code can obscure the true state of the product.

App Rentals:

App rentals emerge as the most cost-effective and secure avenue for entering the realm of mobile affiliate marketing. This option allows you to gain experience and understand the market with minimal investment before committing more significantly to your digital assets.


In today’s landscape, mobile apps have become an essential tool for businesses, affiliate marketing, and customer engagement. The market offers a plethora of services for renting, creating, and optimizing apps across various verticals, including gambling, betting, and other domains. In our review, we explored 15 services, each with its unique features and offerings catering to different user categories, from novices to experts.

Pricing varies from free options to substantial amounts, with the selection of a specific service heavily reliant on individual needs and budget. Some services offer exclusive perks such as promo code discounts, free trial periods, or additional recharge bonuses.

Geographical location and the ability to work with specific regions are crucial factors. While some services focus on the Russian-speaking segment, others have a broader geographical reach.

Technologies like Progressive Web Applications (PWA) open up new opportunities for businesses and affiliate marketers, streamlining app creation and deployment.

Selecting the right service necessitates careful analysis and, potentially, comparing different platforms based on functionality, cost, user-friendliness, and customer support.

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