Where do you find an investor for starting business?

Apr 6, 2022
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Where to find an investor:

Recently, we’ve conducted a survey among our clients and partners who attracted investments to their business. The most important question – where did you find the investor?

Finding an investor is like finding a soulmate! You never know exactly where you will meet and get to know each other, but the probability of meeting needs to be increased. To do this, I compiled a list of sites where we, clients and partners searched the investors:

  • Your immediate environment;
  • Telegram chats;
  • Investment clubs;
  • From running your blog;
  • Thematic platforms for finding investors (including crowdfunding);
  • Networking
  • Investment brokers
  • Starting an advertising campaign;
  • Investment funds or accelerators


Some of our working platforms we use ourselves: 


  1. Crunchbase (Free trial; $29/mo)
  2. Dealroom (Free trial; price unknown)
  3. Deallite (£25/ Month)
  4. VC Deals (Free trial; $19/mo)
  5. Investor Scout (No free trial; $149/mo)
  6. Investor Hunt (Free trial; $39/mo)


  1. Angel List
  2. Signal NFX
  3. Open VC
  4. Gritt


  1. US Woman Angels
  2. The Ultimate List of 750+ Seed Funds
  3. Active investor list
  4. Active VC list
  5. Mercury Investor DB
  6. No Warm Intro Required List



How to ask for money: 

You need to ask the correct questions. Not just “do you have money?” But first, involve them in your idea, and then ask about money. For example:

“I’m creating a project here. It would be interesting to meet you, find out what you think.”
“What can you say about the project?”
“Do you think it is possible to raise money for such a project?”,
“How would you look for an investor in my place?”,
“Do you think there are those among your acquaintances who might be interested in this?”,
“Can you support with a recommendation / like / repost? I will not remain in debt!”



Insights on raising funds from YCombinator’s Partner: 

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