Why SEO Is So Beneficial For Dating Sites: Case Study

Mar 26, 2020
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After you successfully started your dating business, it’s time to promote your dating site and make a profit with it.

In today’s article, I want to share a popular way how to market a dating website through SEO and, then, a list of steps for SEO promotion of your dating site or app.


Okay, let’s start:

This case is provided by our friends at Seoprofy agency.

And the goal of this job was to increase incoming traffic to a young dating website. The domain name was new, not more than half a year old.

Since promotion was done for the Google Search engine and given the features of the Google Penguin filter, it was important to promote the site as accurately as possible.

What was done first:


Picked the most suitable keywords;

  • High-frequency queries
  • Mid-frequency queries
  • Low-frequency queries

Since the site’s subject is specific, most of the keywords used for promotion are from the high-frequency category. They are quite popular and, as the practice has shown, give good traffic to the site.

– Next were website internal optimization:

  • Meta tags
  • Text optimization
  • Code optimization
  • Website loading speed optimization

Usually, dating sites don’t have a great number of pages and most traffic goes to its index page.


– Next comes the construction quality backlinks

Sources used to get links:

– sponsoredreviews.com

– reviewme.com

– ‘rented’ links

– direct links

– links from social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and others)

The links increase was gradual:

As you can see from the screenshot, there are not many links to the site, the main emphasis was on their quality and smooth growth.

Links distribution to the site was:

– 60% non-anchor links

– 40% with anchors through keywords

Income traffic growth looked like this:


Google Analytics shows that the growth began in February and in March there were more than 7,000 visits per day.

A little more than a month later, the number of daily visits claimed to 12,000.

When initial internal optimization and backlinks building was finished, it took a little more time for the site to begin to grow, and then high-frequency queries rose to the top and traffic start coming as it should.


If you look at through what channels visitors were coming to the site, you’d get the following picture:

  • 85% search traffic
  • 11% direct traffic
  • the rest visits came from other sites (via links in reviews)

As you can see, the search traffic to the site gives a good impulse for the business, and then the next goal will be:

  • direct traffic to be 30-50% of the overall traffic
  • within the next half-year, achieve 50,000+ search traffic per day

This dating niche easily allows this, and therefore, there are always new querries to work with and to bring the current ones to the top 1-3 places, where they’ll get more views than they have in the top 5-10.

For dating sites, top 1 and top 5 have a big difference in the number of transitions, SEO gurus who promote in these niches can confirm that.


How SEO promotion process works: 

  1. Niche and competitor analysis
  2. Site’s SEO and technical side audit
  3. Drafting internal optimization requirements plan
  4. Keyword selection and semantic core creation
  5. Setting up analytics systems on the site
  6. Creating content for the site (pages, articles)
  7. Constant and painstaking work with external factors
  8. Recommendations for improving the site and their implementation


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