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PG Dating at IDATE 2009, Los Angeles! (Part II)

01:06:52 by Julia Dorofeeva

Categories: Dating Articles

Comment Icon27 comments


In Part I we have started a report on our experience at IDate 2009 this summer in Los Angeles! Let's continue...

First time in a history of a conference there was "Buyers and Sellers Gathering" which was aimed to make people who want to buy a business meet with sellers (or potential sellers). This time there were running site owners selling their sites. It was very good experience.

Hope in future there will be a similar session for software vendors so that we could meet with more people who want to start their Dating or Social Networking business. And for the buyers it’ll be a great opportunity to get all the data on the main players in the industry in one place faster. Though, this time many professionals were very interested in our technology and we managed o run several software presentations.

=> Read more!

PG Dating at IDATE 2009, Los Angeles! (Part I)

15:45:42 by Julia Dorofeeva

Categories: Dating Articles

Comment Icon7 comments


25-26 June we have visited IDate 2009 conference, which was held in Los Angeles, USA. PG Dating Pro was Dating Industry sponsor. The Conference was very successful for us! We managed to meet with potential clients and current partners: 2CheckOut, OPW, background check companies, Chat and IM application companies.

IDate had a wide range of professional speakers on payments, communication tools, monetizing techniques, marketing tips and tricks, matching technologies and new trends. You can see photos from the event here.

=> Read more!

Getting Your SEO Started Faster and Easier with smart Under Construction Page!

15:29:53 by Julia Dorofeeva

Categories: Dating Articles

Comment Icon5 comments


So you're starting your Dating or Social Networking site... You have it running and need final changes to go out marketing!

I have found an interesting article on how to start your site promotion even before your site's up and running! The authors state that while your design team is busy being creative, your web development team has a task list of their own to start, you can set up a smart "Under Construction page" at your domain.

This article will illustrate how it’s important to get some forward momentum by doing a quick "under construction" page and plugging in some basic SEO can get your new domain indexed by the search engines weeks or months before your launch.

If you are doing a redesign of an existing site, then putting up an "under construction" page isn’t appropriate. You will simply develop the new site in the background and then just switch over to the new site when ready. Your visitors will continue to see the old site until the redesign is launched. But if you are building a site for the very first time where a domain name had no existing site, then it’s a good idea to put up a new public "under construction" page while you develop the site in the background.

This helps in a few areas:
1) It lets people know that there is a new business coming in case they stumble upon your website for some reason.

In this case you should put up: a coming soon banner, and a text to let passers-by know that you are opening up shop soon. People interested in your product or service may want to bookmark your site for future reference.

2) Getting users into your database - put up a simple newsletter sign up form (or registration form) as your homepage to begin capturing email addresses for your mailing list. This puts customers on your mailing list to be notified when the site is ready.

3) Starting the SEO process. It takes search engines a while to work their way around the internet and find your new domain, so the earlier you get site content up there for them the better. It can take Google as long as 6 months to index a new site for the first time. They do this on purpose to keep their search engine index from getting overwhelmed by quick build-overnight spam sites.

Putting up a very basic "under construction" page with some text and images lets the search engines know about your site and gives them a head start on ranking your site.

=> Read more!

Microsoft has launched Bing to compete with Google!

03:33:39 by Julia Dorofeeva

Categories: Dating Articles

Comment Icon10 comments


Today Microsoft has launched today a new product - Global search engine. It's called Bing (still in Beta version). It's aimed to compete with Google.

All 3 previous attempts of Microsoft to beat Google failed. Nowadays Microsoft controls only 8% per cent of this market in comparison with Google per cent - 64,2%.

Bing is a vertical semantic search machine. It's developed on a basis of technology of a famous company Powerset, which Microsoft bought last year for 100 million dollars. (news source Yandex News)

So I guess very soon we'll have another tool for Marketing and new ways to monetize our traffic at Dating and Social Networking sites.

China has blocked Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Hotmail!

03:10:35 by Julia Dorofeeva

Categories: Dating Articles

Comment Icon12 comments


Social Networking sites are becoming more and more powerful due to a fast media exchange ability and uncontrolled user generated content! This fact is more evident due to the latest events in China!

As BBC News reports, that China, ahead of the 20th anniversary of the suppression of the Tiananmen protests, has blocked several social networking websites: micro-blogging service Twitter, Hotmail accounts, business social network Facebook (according to and the photo-sharing service Flickr.

In such a way China bans discussion of the events in and around Tiananmen Square in 1989.
Generally, Thursday 4 June is the 20th anniversary of the crackdown, when troops quelled weeks of protest by students and workers. China has never released a death toll from the suppression on what it says was a counter-revolutionary conspiracy. Hundreds are believed to have died in and around the square.

The BBC's James Reynolds in Beijing says that as the anniversary of what China calls the "4 June incident" gets closer, the Communist Party appears to be in a particularly vigilant mood - it wants to make sure that there is no mention of the subject whatsoever. So, access to Twitter was denied shortly after 17:00 (09:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

As you can see, now social media networking and niche social networks are taken into account on a government level as they are so powerful in uniting people, sharing news and planning actions. Does it mean that very soon Huge social networks will be powerful enough to start protests all over the world if necessary? Anyways, we wanna be part of it. I think it's time to start my own social network...

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