x3 revenue with premium business dating features in Dating Pro Plus plan
Delivery time from 2 months. Looking for a customer partner to launch.
Recommended by dating experts
Advanced is a Bundle of several parts

Dating Pro Plus — We don't just sell you the dating software. We'll launch it across all platforms.

Chat Operators — Warm up your visitor to purchase paid plans. Prevent users from leaving at the start of your dating business.
Include it in the dating website business plan

How it works

Step 1: You have started a dating service

  1. You are running with fake profiles. The site and apps will not look empty for your first visitors. You can find a big variety of profiles databases in Dating Pro marketplace.
  2. Launched customer online dating traffic visitors.

Usually there are 2 reasons dating platform loses customers:

  1. When you start your professional dating service. You don't have an established base of "live" users. Your first clients have no one to like, no one to talk to, no one to get acquainted with.
  2. Most users fill out their profile with less than 25%. Such profiles do not generate enough likes and messages. The exception is for photomodels. Users don't get likes and messages? They leave and don't come back.

Step 2: Your first users

  1. Register > Search > Match.
  2. Users write greetings. They give likes via swipe. Most often they are operators with fake profiles. Less often new real users.

Step 2.1: Without chat operators

No response to greetings from new users > Users don't come back > Your money is burned.

These types of people will leave your dating platform:

  1. People who did not fill out their profiles.
  2. People who didn't get enough attention. Because your site or app hasn't reached a critical number of active live users. So that your customers get likes, matches and messages.

Step 2.2: With operators

  1. Your new users are more likely to be greeted by fake profiles / operators. From the most popular fake profiles.
  2. Your users come back. The number of active users is increasing. The matches are growing.
  3. The importance of Chat operators is reduced.
  4. Your dating service is becoming popular.
  5. Operators are needed in geo-locations with a small number of acquaintances. To have someone answer them.

Chat operators help you with:

  • Hints to users to fill out their profile fields. Increase get likes and messages from other real people.
  • Sending genuine messages that regular chatbots cannot recreate.
  • Keeping your users interested in your service. They chat with real people to prevent them from leaving.

How do operators increase 10 times more free to paid customers? 🔎 Click on each feature to view its image

How to increase ROI efficiency of operators?
Why operators in chats won't get the details wrong?
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How to increase sales of paid plans by multiples? With Tinder-like Payment services.

Usage example. Gold Membership can include:
  • 1 Superlike/mo for all genders, while the Platinum Membership includes unlimited number of Superlike
  • Packages of specific services, e.g. 1/5/50 Superlikes with different prices
  • Llifetime plan. Memberships creation without time limits
How Tinder-like payment services work

How does built-in analytics help with paid services?

Why Choose Dating Pro’s Paid Services management
Plans can contain:
  • Free and paid services.
  • Prices for one to unlimited number of items.
  • Special offers and discounts.
  • Service duration from one minute to unlimited.
  • For different genders.
  • Inserts and ads in necessary places, banners set up and increase their CTR.
  • Different dating channels: web, apps, smart devices.
  • Customized settings for each country.
Plans can be very flexible:
  • Free users can like and see profiles, but cannot start communicating without mutual like;
  • With paid membership, users can message with each other without mutual like.
Dating website personalization made easy. Optimize. Monetize. Treat your visitors like people, not dating traffic.
OptiMonk's cases
Use cases for each stage of the customer journey
  • First visit

    Help your first-time visitors kick off their journey, make a great first impression and grow your list like never before.

    • Smart Welcome Popup
    • Win-A-Gift Popup, Ebook Popup
  • Browse

    Guide your visitors to just the right products based on their stage of awareness, their needs and wants.

    • Conversational Popup
    • Smart Popup Recommender
    • Shopping Quiz Popup
    • Announcement Popup
    • Product Recommender Popup
  • Premium plan purchase

    Boost your immediate sales by promoting your best deals or collect hot email leads to boost future sales.

    • Seasonal Offer Popup
    • Pre-Seasonal List Builder
    • SMS List Builder
    • Cart Abandonment Stopper
  • Checkout

    Stop cart abandonment. Target buyers who are about to leave without making a purchase and show them an irresistible offer to prevent cart abandonment.

    • Browse Abandonment Stopper
    • Countdown Reminder Bar
    • Cart Abandonment Stopper
    • Coupon Followup Bar
  • Thank you

    Improve your customer journey by collecting valuable feedback form your website visitors or generate referrals and social mentions.

    • Purchase Satisfaction Survey
    • NPS Survey Bar
    • Social Popup
    • Marketing Research Survey
Some features
Why choose
Build your list
Turn your early-stage visitors into - email, phone or messenger leads
Collect feedback
Improve your website experience with valuable customer insights

Stop cart abandonment

Show a secondary offer to visitors who are about to leave their cart
Promote special offers
Turn website visitors into buyers by promoting your best deals
Guide your visitors
Help your visitors find the best offers or the right product
Upsell & cross-sell

Increase AOV with personalized product recommendations
  • Justin Rondeau
    Director of Marketing, DigitalMarketer.com
    "We were able to get 2,689 more leads from traffic that was intending to leave the site. Oh, and we didn't just increase lead magnet consumption we also increased DM lab sales by 30.22%."
All functions are available. Subscription fee from $39 per month.
Results of the sale of paid plans with Dating Pro Advanced
  • x 10
    With dating Chat operators
  • x 3
    With Tinder like payment services
Why choose Advanced
Easy start
We take care of everything from specification to launch. We don't just sell you the dating software. We'll launch it across all platforms.

All you have to do is write a review on Trustpilot 😇
Premium Support

Premium customer will be assigned a personal manager who they can contact by whatsapp, phone, email, in live chat, and in Skype. Unlimited consulting on the site features and functionality.

Smooth operation

At any time Advanced will be ready to solve your problems.

Commercial license
  • The Dating Pro team is crowdfunding to launch Advanced. This is a crowdfunding fundraiser.
  • We will give you the rights to the software under the Commercial license: "You receive the open code of the software product and can use it for personal as well as for commercial purposes. You can sell or otherwise distribute the source code and the software product under your own brand. We keep the right to sell the product in our marketplace under our brand."
  • We plan to connect Advanced to the Dating Pro platform.
Cost. 30% Partner Discount.

The cost will be lower with the same crowdfunding partners. Split the cost. Contact sales. They know who wants to buy now.

Return on investment
You will earn at least 10 times more than with Dating Pro Plus. At the expense of more efficient use of paid services and chat operators.

What's in Advanced:
  • All in Dating Pro Plus with
  • Premium dating features for x3 revenue
  • Free 6 month of site hosting
  • 12 months of free monthly updates
  • 500,000 fake profiles
Need more?
  • Hire a Professional. We offer a variety of programs designed to save you time and help ensure your store's success →

Do you want it simpler?
  • Start with a free demo
  • Start plan from $99
  • Lifetime license. No monthly maintenance fees.
  • 15-days money-back guarantee. 100% Risk-Free Dating Pro. Promise. If you are unsatisfied for any reason for up to 15 days following your purchase, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started for free

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    Customer Success Manager at Dating Pro

    "Hey there, if there's anything still not clear for you or you want to learn how it would work with your idea and niche, contact me in the live chat. I'll reply to all of your questions right away!
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