Advertising Dating Site: How We Work With You And Work Plan Example

Feb 13, 2020


Today is our fourth chapter of the Advertising Dating Site course. Through these articles, we try to guide and help the dating site owners that are not yet familiar with digital marketing.

And in this article, we’re finishing talking about Google Ads with an exemplary work plan at the end of this article.


But first…

a bit of a little bit of explanations.

Entrepreneurs and companies use fast PPC (pay-per-click) platforms to get fast results with little efforts, grow, expand and develop themselves ahead in the online dating market.

And we, at Dating Pro, not only provide you with ready-made software, profiles to populate the site, customization works to enhance your site to fit your project idea, but marketing services as well, to help you succeed. A pretty all-encompassing care unit in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.


What goals and challenges we work with:

  • To increase the efficiency of the online registration process.
  • To analyze current ads and find out where to maximize efficiency while reducing costs.
  • To remodel the ads to reflect the goals and values of the company.
  • etc.


The online dating business is still a business that exists in the everchanging global market. Adapting to the latest trends, technologies, and ad requirements is a must-have qualification to be the most cost-efficient and produce the best possible ROI.

With our services, you will get personal and measurable goals, which can be tested, optimized, and adjusted to meet the demands of your audience.


For more information on what we offer please contact us.


Work plan example

We’ve prepared the work plan for you to see what you can expect from working with us and how the process goes in generall, in case you want to go solo.


This is the plan we’ll be sticking to gain you the target audience:

  1. Set up the analytics tracking to all OR most relevant site pages:
    1. Set up the conversion goals to track the users’ behavior;
    2. Collect analytics data for transactions (who pays you, what’s their usual behavior, at what step they usually pay, what incites the process);
  2. Connect the analytics account with the Google Ads account:
    1. Connect the accounts;
    2. Import the target goals for every parameter;
  3. Create a landing page for a Target Group (TG):
    1. Services – Choose what offers to show to the TG. (i.e. lonely young men who are looking for romance/long-term relationships? young new-yorkers looking for love? etc);
    2. Determining your TG;
    3. Semantics – Create search query masks to be used in promo texts;
    4. Visuals/texts – Writing selling offers & promo texts;
    5. Targeting:
      • i. Search campaigns – Grouping search requests by efficiency/semantics & maximize clicks strategy;
      • ii. Google Display Network (GDN) – wide-spread marketing by GEO/age/keywords and etc/
    6. Remarketing – showing your ads to those who clicked to register but didn’t;
  4. Setting up the budget and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  5. Launching the campaign
  6. Analytics – adjusting the campaign rates.


This is a shortened and simplified plan of how we work with Google Ads. You are free to contact us if you want to get more info or details.

If you have any questions or need something clearing up, please contact us.


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