Dating Pro Add-ons: Video Chat and Monetization Opportunities

Oct 9, 2015
2 minutes to read


Video chat has been one of Dating Pro’s most popular feature requests. We are finalizing the one-on-one video chat structure that can serve as a basis for future modifications and improvements, and will release it soon.

This is a sneak peek into the video chat functionality.

First of all, it can work in two modes: the one that enables users to send chat requests and accept them immediately, and the one that requires appointment of date and time, through some kind of a date scheduler.

Site administrator of the dating site can switch on the pay-per-minute billing or make the video chat a free-of-charge service. The person who initiates the chat will be paying, not the one who accepts the invitation.


Actually, it does not have to be a dating site. You can use the video chat for other purposes. Imagine a real estate agency website where an agent walks you around the house remotely, with the webcam on their laptop or tablet. You could hold interviews between Human Resources and job candidates, and so on. All of that — through your website account so you would not have to give away personal information such as a phone number or a messenger ID.

You can have any extra features added to the chat as custom work, because you’ll be working with the team who brought this chat to life. If you are interested, contact our Customization team ( to request more details.

We will be glad to hear your comments and suggestions.

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