Dating Pro Digest: OkCupid’s ‘Find My Kind’; Match Group’s App To Help ‘Highly Motivated’ Singles In Japan; Lauren Goodger’s Sex-for-sale Site’s Back; Declining Marriage Rate In China

Aug 13, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: New OkCupid’s campaign in India ‘Find My Kind’; Match Group launched an app to help ‘highly motivated’ singles in Japan get married within a year; Lauren Goodger re-launches sex-for-sale dating site; Declining marriage rate in China.


 “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall



New OkCupid’s campaign in India ‘Find My Kind’

The new campaign in India tries to display the OkCupid app as a platform for young singles to find and choose their perfect matches themselves.

‘Find My Kind’ campaign targets modern youth who are not content with blind dates set up by their parents, relatives, and friends and for those who want to be choosing their partners without anyone’s help.

According to OkCupid survey, 92% of Indians don’t believe their preferences correspond with their parents’, and 79% say the same about their friends.

OkCupid’s India Brand Manager said: “Today’s single Indian is battling ‘suitable’ recommendations by parents, friends, extended family or matrimonial services that don’t account for personal preferences.”



Match Group launched an app to help ‘highly motivated’ singles in Japan get married within a year

Match is targeting a new niche of Japanese singles who want to get married with their new app “Pairs Engage”.

App gives 30 potential partner suggestion each month. “Pairs Engage” costs $92 (9,800 yen) per month, plus another $92 (9,800 yen) as a sign-up fee.

After the app is downloaded, users have to upload documents proving their identity, income, single status, education, and job position.

With this new app, Match Group tries to battle the current Japanese physical model of matchmaking which involves a lot of staff like sales, stores employee, service staff and others. According to business analysists. such a model is too expensive to run and thus is pricey for end consumers.

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Lauren Goodger re-launches sex-for-sale dating site

Famous Lauren’s Little Secret site, that was shut down last year, is now back and running.

The owner of the site is the former Towie star, Lauren Goodger.

Lauren’s Little Secret users are able to set their interests to things like, ‘webcam’, ‘BBW’, ‘BDSM’, ‘webcam’ and ‘threesomes’.

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Declining marriage rate in China

According to the latest data from the Chinese government. the marriage rate has been declining nonstop since 2013.

Five years ago, there were 10 people married for every 1000 single people. And in 2018, the ratio went to 7 people per thousand.

The age groups are shifting now too, back in 2012, the group of people aged 20 to 24 was dominant, but now it’s aged 25 to 29.

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