Dating Pro Digest: NY Post’s Worst Dating Terms; Bumble Expects 3mil Users During Holidays; Interesting Niches — Dating App With User-Controlled Blur

Dec 24, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: The worst dating terms that defined the 2010s; Bumble expects 3mil users during the most popular time of year; Interesting niches for online dating — video dating app with user-controlled blur.


“The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.” ―Epicurus


The worst dating terms that defined the 2010s

The New York Post analyzed all dating trends for 2010-2019 to find out the “worst [trend] of all”

And the winner is ‘Ghosting’ when one of the interlocutors ends the relationship by unexpectedly cutting off all communications.

NY Post dag deeper and found out that ‘ghosting’ evolves in two behaviors: ‘cloaking’ when a person gets stood up on a date and then blocked on the dating app. And ‘orbiting’ when a ‘ghoster still publicly interacts with the ghostee’s social media posts’.

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Bumble expects 3mil users during the most popular time of year

The period, when Bubmle estimated to get 3,000,000 new users, stretches from Thanksgiving until ‘Dating Sunday’, the first Sunday of the new year.

User influx happens after singles spend a significant amount of time with their family and get questioned why they don’t have a partner. People also treat the new year as a blank slate to start a new life.

Bumble expects a 30% increase in new users, 15% more user activity and more than 20 million messages sent on ‘Dating Sunday’.

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Interesting niches for online dating — video dating app with user-controlled blur

  • Blindlee is Chatroulette for dating but with female-friendly guardrails in the form of a user-controlled video blur effect. Singles get matched randomly and have a 3-minutes video call.

Interested in adding a similar feature to your dating site? Just hit our Experts up and we’ll discuss the integration.




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