Dating Pro Digest: Facebook Dating Isn’t Loved In The U.S.; Could Tencent Topple Momo?; 1.6m Britons Broke Up Because Of Brexit

Dec 30, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: Facebook Dating isn’t feeling the love in the U.S.; Could Tencent topple Momo as the “Tinder of China”?; eHarmony discovered 1.6 million Britons broke up because of Brexit.


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Facebook Dating isn’t feeling the love in the U.S.

Global opinion platform Piplsay has surveyed 21 thousand of American users about Facebook Dating.

57% of people hadn’t heard about it, while only 9% were using it.

60% said that they are not interested in this dating app. While half of the respondents don’t even trust Facebook to keep their personal data safe on Facebook Dating.

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Could Tencent topple Momo as the “Tinder of China”?

Chinese tech giant Tencent has released 3 new dating apps over the past two months (Tinder-like Qingliao, social app Youji, anonymous app Dengyu Jiaoyou). Tencent also occupies the Chinese messaging market with its WeChat app.

While Momo, and its Tinder clone Tanta, rules over China’s dating market.

Market experts say that investors shouldn’t assume that Tencent will crush Momo yet since Momo still enjoys a first mover’s advantage in the market.

However, investors should keep a close eye on Tencent’s three new apps – and see if they pull users away from Momo and Tantan.

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eHarmony discovered 1.6 million Britons broke up because of Brexit

eHarmony analyzed its users’ data and discovered that 1.6M Britons broke up because of different views on Brexit results.

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