Dating Pro Digest: Muzmatch is a “Tinder clone”. Match Group filed a patent infringement lawsuit; Tinder’s “Swipe Night” is officially patented; “Getting the vaccine is the hottest thing on a dating app”; Bumble Inc is too expensive now; Aisle is the dating app for serious relationships; It’s Just Lunch continues to scam singles.

Feb 18, 2021
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Dating industry news digest:

  • Muzmatch is a “Tinder clone”. Match Group filed a patent infringement lawsuit;
  • Tinder’s “Swipe Night” is officially patented;
  • “Getting the vaccine is the hottest thing on a dating app”;
  • Bumble Inc is too expensive now;
  • Aisle is the dating app for serious relationships;
  • It’s Just Lunch continues to scam singles.



Muzmatch is a “Tinder clone”. Match Group filed a patent infringement lawsuit

Match Group, which is a parent company of Tinder and OkCupid filed a complaint on February 12 on Muzmatch, a Muslim dating app. The complaint states that Muzmatch is identically similar to Tinder.

Even though Muzmatch is made only for one cultural group, it has digital stacks of cards with users, swiping function, and determines geographic proximity.

The complaint is a patent-infringement suit filed in federal court in Waco, Texas.

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Tinder’s “Swipe Night” is officially patented

On February 11, 2021, the World Intellectual Property Organization published the patent of Match Group on the method of Swipe Night, which is called “System and method for recommending users based on shared digital experiences”.

Swipe Night is an in-app interactive event where users choose what happens to them in an adventure by swiping. All choices made by users are visible on their profiles for better matching and conversation-starting.

The Swipe Night experience is live and only in participating countries.

During the event, users have to decide on moral dilemmas and only seven seconds are given for the next move. Each episode is five minutes long. The results of such an experience of Tinder were successful as the number of matches increased by 26% and conversations increased by 12%.

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“Getting the vaccine is the hottest thing on a dating app”

In 2021, getting the vaccine is becoming a very popular thing to better the chances on online dating apps, whereas for others, not getting the vaccine is a solid rejection excuse.

However, users of dating apps cannot know whether their talking buddies behind the screen really got vaccinated or just claim that for a “hook up”.

Although, many young people who use the dating app are not priority groups for vaccination, getting one is kind of a “golden ticket’.

So it is not a surprise that the idea of creating a new dating app only for vaccinated people came up.

Since this topic is not only about health issues, but also it is about the same values that people share when they are both vaccinated. It gives to people a glance at potential partners’ “political views and knowledge about science and medicine”.

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Bumble Inc is too expensive now

Bumble is a women-centered dating app where women make the first move. The app also has a strict regulation policy on nonviolent behavior.

Bumble Inc is a parent company of Bumble and Badoo dating apps. Recently, Bumble Inc offered the public 50 million Class A common stock at $43 per share.

Founded by a woman Whitney Wolfe, the Bumble app is at the top five biggest earning lifestyle apps on iOS in 30 countries. It is a huge achievement especially as venture capital funding for women is very low. Bumble Inc supports women in different ways as offering friendship services and professional networking.

With 1.1 million paying users, Bumble has a big competitive advantage. It’s returns on invested capital (ROIC) grew from -39.2% in 2018, to 179.7% in 2019 and 178.8% in 2020. However, the P/E multiple of Bumble Inc is 51, based on adjusted earnings for share, which makes Bumble unappealing.

Currently, the price per share of Bumble is $43, which implies that the market duration of profit growth is more than 100 years with a revenue compound annual growth rate CAGR of over 4%.

The market price signifies that Bumble Inc will earn an economic margin of 991.3%, but the history shows that the peak economic margin is 172%. Given all of these, Bumble Inc company is too costly right now.

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Aisle is the dating app for serious relationships

Aisle is the dating app for Indian singles with serious intentions from all over the world. It is a dating app with matrimonial options.

Since the app is for people of Indian origin, couples are not matched by compatibility, but by traditions and values.

Aisle is founded in 2014 by Able, a BBM International Business graduate. Able was tired of swiping culture and wanted to make a dating app specifically for the Indian diaspora with serious intentions.

Aisle allows users to interact before matching. The dating app allows women users to choose whom they want to chat with and first initiate the conversation.

Aisle is free for download, but has premium accounts with some additional options as sending 5 invites a day. Aisle Concierge is a premium service feature that allows users to browse through handpicked profiles. Users can filter search results by faith, values, mother tongue, and interests.

Aisle’s revenue has been growing over the last three years at a CAGR of 85%. In 2020 due to the lockdown, the dating app’s revenue was $3.08 billion and the number of users was 270 million.

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It’s Just Lunch continues to scam singles

The dating service It’s Just Lunch positioned as an elite international matching service. It costs $2700 for a lifetime membership and $90 per month.

Elizabeth Young, a 41-year-old single woman has a complaint on It’s Just Lunch since the matching service did not meet her expectations nor keep their promises.

It’s Just Lunch salesperson assured Young to get few dated per month when in reality she had 3-4 dates in 3 months.

John Balestriere is an attorney that filed a class-action lawsuit against It’s Just Lunch. According to him, the dating service overcharged its clients, sent their own employees to go on dates with female customers, hired nonexperienced workers. In other words, It’s Just Lunch is a scheme to defraud many professionals.

Joseph DeOliveira had the same experience with It’s Just Lunch, having dates with women who were not matching him at all. Noth DeOliveira and Young are from Denver. They trusted many good reviews on the dating service, but now they have doubts about those reviews.

Balestriere pointed out that It’s Just Lunch is still engaging in misconduct.

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