Dating Pro Digest: “Singles will be kissing fewer frogs” or positive effect of the Pandemic on dating; 2021 Valentine’s Day seems to be very promising for singles; “Veganuary” and virtual vegan dating on OkCupid; No more “sugar” dating on Google Ads; Airbnb and Bumble offer virtual romantic dates. 

Feb 9, 2021
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Dating industry news digest:

  • “Singles will be kissing fewer frogs” or positive effect of the Pandemic on dating;
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day seems to be very promising for singles;
  • Veganuary” and virtual vegan dating on OkCupid;
  • No more “sugar” dating on Google Ads;
  • Airbnb and Bumble offer virtual romantic dates.



“Singles will be kissing fewer frogs” or positive effect of the Pandemic on dating

Anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor for Helen Fisher shared some insights on how the Pandemic affected nowadays dating.

Helen collected results of the survey “Singles in America” that had more than 5000 respondents, which show that 58% of those who use dating apps were deliberate in dating online, and 63% stated that to get to know a potential partner better they used the internet.

More importantly, the survey shows how respondents started to focus more on meaningful conversations and stability.

According to the Anthropologist, people became more honest and open, focusing more on personality and financial stability on dating websites. The Pandemic and lockdown had many effects on people’s lives, and relationship-building only prospered.

One of the reasons is that more singles tried to build relationships before becoming intimate, the other reason is technology gave many options for users to find a compatible potential partner.

Helen Fisher notes, that video chatting accounts the same as being on a first date, and users do not need to worry about financial concerns and social implications.

Also, couples that met online have more chances for a long-lasting happy marriage, since they are most probably have higher education, better jobs, and are seeking stable relationships.

“Slow love” is a phenomenon that Helen explains as being more conscious in finding a potential partner, thoroughly building an intellectual and emotional connection.

The Pandemic helped Millennials to experience “slow love”. According to Fisher, later marriages are more stable, and for beneficial marriage, there have to be two-income people.

More meaningful first dates and fewer “kissing frogs” what is likely to last after the pandemic.

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2021 Valentine’s Day seems to be very promising for singles

Plenty of Fish is a Match Group company that conducted a survey among 2000 U.S. singles aged 18-65 that shows that 57% of respondents are seriously optimistic to find their SO this year, and 40% think that Valentine’s Day is the best day to start a new relationship.

Usually, singles feel pressure on Valentine’s day, but because of lockdown and the Pandemic, there is less romantic pressure since many couples will celebrate online, while the rest will have small activities in safe places outdoors.

Since couples had to adjust to virtual dates, according to the survey, they started to value simple gestures as holding hands and flirty smiles, became more open-minded, and more than half considered starting relationships with their exes.

Singles predict less ghosting of potential partners in 2021 and state that now it is easier to choose partners who don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Veganuary” and virtual vegan dating on OkCupid

On February 10th vegetarian food brand Sweet Earth Foods, the dating website OkCupid and actor Chase Stokes will present an event where they will discuss difficulties that couples have with different diet preferences.

Chase Stokes, who is “flexitarian”,  and Madelyn Cline, who is vegan, is a couple that will feature the discussion on the “Veggie Lovers Virtual Dating Event”. The Q&A section of the event will be led by OkCupid dating expert Damona Hoffman.

After the event participants have a chance to win participation in a private and exclusive speed dating event.

According to the results of the survey conducted last December by Sweet Eart Foods among 1000 Gen-Z and Millennials, it is challenging for couples with different dietary preferences and around 25% of respondents answered that a similar diet is more important than sexual chemistry, physical appearance, and political choices. It is a crucial part of matching.

Another interesting fact was found, as most vegans and vegetarians, think that a carnivore diet is important in choosing potential partners.

Most meat-eaters would prefer their vegan partners to cook meat for them. 20% of vegetarians and 19% of vegans exposed that they feel anxious about expressing their diet and most of the time keep it in secret to avoid conflicts.

OkCupid tries to make the experience of their users more comfortable and diverse, considering the fact that more respondents are more willing to date someone with different diets.

Singles, who are open to date a vegan receive more likes and matches comparing to those who aren’t, with that, in January, many users chose to participate in “Veganuary” in OkCupid.

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No more “sugar” dating on Google Ads

“Sugar” dating is when one participant gives another something material in return for the date. Most of the time it is paid by cash, financial support, gifts, or even mentorship.

Google will thoroughly determine and prohibit “sugar” dating ads. It will move from “prohibited adult content” to “inappropriate content policy”.

Google will issue a warning 7 days before the suspension of the account.

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Airbnb and Bumble offer virtual romantic dates

Airbnb in a collaboration with Bumble presented interesting online romantic dates in a Spanish jazz club, Louvre museum, etc.

It allows experiencing different cultures all over the world. This virtual activity will let couples diversify their Valentine’s day since most users of the Bumble app are unaware of what activities to do during the lover’s day.

According to Jemma Ahmed, Bumble’s Head of Insights, users of dating websites responded that desire to travel is a top conversation topic, that is why Bumble and Airbnb give such opportunity in a “safe, fun and interactive” way.

In addition to that, users from North America, the UK, and Australia have a 20% discount for Airbnb experience before May 2021.

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