Dating Pro Digest: Modern Society Is Into Polygamy; Dating Consultants Are Tremendously Popular; Singapore’s Rent-A-Friend Service

May 30, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: Modern society ditches monogamy for the polyamorous relationship; Dating consultants are in trend; Singapore’s rent-a-friend service.


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Are we moving towards a society where everyone is polyamorous or in open relationships?

Marriages becoming less and less popular, divorces increase, maybe current society doesn’t want the monogamy anymore?

Janet Hardy, author of ‘The Ethical Slut’, claims that having more than one sexual partner is dictated by human biology.

And according to Bernard Chapais, of the University of Montreal, only 17% of human cultures have strict monogamy.

Only 17% of human cultures are strictly monogamous,’ Bernard Chapais, of the University of Montreal. While 25% of men and 15% of women admitted cheating on their spouses.

And besides that, medicine is advanced enough today to mix the DNAs of three people so three-parent based babies are born. Though it’s only used to prevent inherited diseases right now.

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The secret world of online dating consultants

The Daily Beast has investigated the community of “online dating consultants”  on Fiverr.

The consultants give dating advice to singles for an affordable price.

The services mainly target men, luring them with words like ‘make your profile irresistible’ or ‘after it, you will find your dream woman’

The variety of services cover from profile creating, line openers to photo editing and profile selecting.

Camila, a 22-year-old college student, told The Daily Beast: “If you told me two years ago I would make a grand this year off of telling guys what was wrong with their Tinders, I would have laughed in your face. I never thought that this was real or possible. I did not think this was an actual thing you could do for work.”

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Forever alone? Rent a date with Singapore’s new dating service

A new rent-a-date site was launched in Singapore. The platform allows you to ‘rent’ a friend to hang out. Any physical contact is prohibited.

The concept of such sites is not entirely new. Similar services are offered in Japan, South Korean, and China.

There currently 27 ladies and 4 men available for rent. Their prices range from S$60 to S$200 for a 2-hour date.

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