Dating Pro digest: Halloween “dating monsters” by Hily; Stop staying at home, Boop treats; Tinder takes care of every employee; Jodii: Tamil without limits.

Nov 2, 2021
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Dating industry news digest:

  • Halloween dating monsters” by Hily;
  • Stop staying at home, Boop treats;
  • Tinder takes care of every employee;
  • Jodii: Tamil without limits.



Halloween dating monsters” by Hily

The Hily company offers its users an original entertainment timed to coincide with the celebration of Halloween. A funny quiz will show everyone a personal monster that is hiding inside. 

Hily‘s owners have repeatedly noticed that the behavior of site visitors is far from uniform. Some force things, others are hesitant. Some send the same messages to everyone in a row, others stubbornly do not answer them.

The goal of the quiz is to provide clients with an opportunity to laugh at their own manners and indulge in the habits of other members of the community.

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Stop staying at home, Boop treats

The people of Melbourne have unofficially won the title of the most introverted city in the world.

The Boop app took on a mission to fix things and teamed up with city bars and restaurants. Now users of the application can not only exchange messages with each other while sitting at home, but also look into the built-in menu with mouth-watering photos of dishes and a cozy interior. For many clients, this is a good reason to go outside after long quarantine restrictions and meet in real life.

To use the service, Melbourneans just need to specify a convenient date and select the establishments available at that time. Visitors who place an order through the app receive discounts.

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Tinder takes care of every employee

Tinder is a huge company with a large number of employees. To make each of them feel comfortable, the management made changes in the corporate culture. The innovations are tailored to individual needs. An inclusive structure is developed, attention is paid to equality and diversity, cozy corners are organized for introverts. Each employee feels cared for by the management and own involvement in the corporation.

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Jodii: Tamil without limits

In Tamil, “Jodii” means “couple”. This is the name of the dating application, which aims to unite 75 million native speakers of Southeast Asia.

In India, Tamil people are not popular on dating sites due to ethnic prejudice, so launching a matchmaking app in their native language is especially relevant for them. The site takes into account cultural traditions, if they wish, women can hide their photos, men document their identity.

The platform provides for free registration and an advanced package of functionality at an affordable price.

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