Dating Pro Digest: Hinge Reports Pandemic Changes; OkCupid Motivates To Vote; New Blued Feature

Oct 1, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • Hinge reports changes due to the pandemic.
  • OkCupid motivates people to vote.
  • New feature from Blued. Statistics.



Hinge reports changes due to the pandemic.

Dating app Hinge has compiled data on the number of user ghosting in August.

Ghosting refers to the fact when a person you’re having a conversation with suddenly stops communicating with or unfollows you. Without any prior notifications or explanation.

Hinge claims that they saw a 27% decrease in ghosting among users during August 2020. While the number of new matches increased by 17%.

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OkCupid motivates people to vote.

OkCupid supports people who vote. The #VILF campaign encourages to participate in the elections.

People who have confirmed they have voted will be given a VILF badge that can be pinned to their profiles so all potential dates know they are voters and have bold, good humor.

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New feature from Blued. Statistics.

Blued introduces a new «Communities» feature that allows users to join groups on any topic and give their opinion, similar to Facebook.

And according to the summer 2020 data, Blued had approximately 6.5 million active users worldwide. This exceeds the last year’s result by about 11.2%.

Half of them are outside of China. On average, a user spends 1 hour a day on the app.

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