Dating Pro Digest: Grows More; Facebook’s Virtual Dating In Mexico; String App Voice Dating; Match Group Increases Security

Oct 8, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • looks forward to continuing to take off.
  • Facebook introduces virtual dating system in Mexico.
  • String is a new app with new features.
  • Match Group becomes more secure. looks forward to continuing to take off.

Online dating has increased by 30% since the quarantine, says CEO Murugavela Janakiramana.

To get the most out of the situation, the company invested in marketing. According to their statistics, occupies 60% of the market.

So, for the year including the pandemic, the company reported revenue of $50 million with 700,000 subscribers.

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Facebook introduces virtual dating system in Mexico.

Virtual dating has become incredibly popular during the pandemic. And the end of the pandemic does not mean that the development of virtual dating will halt.

Starting this week, Mexican users will be able to invite their potential friends or lovers to a video meeting to get to know each other better on Facebook.

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String is a new app with new features.

String is an innovative dating app where users no longer have to swipe left or right to find their soul mate, now all they need is a voice.

Users simply send a voice message to the person they like, giving them not only information about themselves, but also their mood.

This way, the creator of the app believes people can open up more to a person using their voice, revealing the beauty of the personality.

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Match Group becomes more secure.

The Match Group sticks to its core user safety philosophy. Which is why they hired Tracy Breeden, who previously worked at Uber as a senior security communications manager.

She will oversee increasing security in the community and will personally work with developers of new security features.

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