Dating Pro software December 2021 update: Download latest versions and security updates right from the admin panel

Dec 30, 2021
< 1 minute read


In Dating Pro Oasis 2021, the site and apps update feature was added, now all technical and security updates can be installed from the admin panel.

By default, the update process starts when a minor update is available (for example, from version 3.7.0 to 3.7.1) and takes no more than 60 seconds. The development team has tested more than 111 thousand sites, and no problems were identified. You should also have no crashes.

Will your site have problems?

Our Expert Team writes all custom code on separate models to prevent crashes and code collision. The updates cover all core product modules and add-ons.

How to enable updates? 

Right in the admin panel, you’ll get a button showing that you can download a new version. You’ll be able to read the changelog and decide whether you want to download the newest version.


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