Google Ranking Factors Analyzed

Sep 4, 2015

If you are a site owner, learning to do what’s right to make your site rank higher in Google organic search is important. There are loads of advice articles online on how to do this and that, however not all of them are really useful and even reliable.

Northcutt, the tech marketing agency has done a great job researching and analyzing how Google actually ranks sites. They have summed up SEO knowledge from patent filings and direct statements from Google and applied filters that will help you get the hang of things.

Please note that the resource is “limited to what factors matter when ranking in Google’s primary web search for non-local requests”, whereas “local SEO, image-only search, video search… play by at least slightly different rules”.

This is the list of factors that still play a significant role in the site ranking:

Positive On-Page Factors
–    Keyword in URL
–    Keyword in Title Tag
–    Internal Link Anchor Text
–    Keyword in Domain Name
–    Use of HTTPS (SSL)
–    Fresh Content
–    Quality Outbound Links
–    Mobile Friendliness
–    More Inbound Links to Domain
–    Links from Relevant Sites
–    Keyword Anchor Text
–    Keyword in ALT Text
–    Internal Link Anchor Text

Negative On-Page Factors
–    Single Pixel Image Links
–    Empty Link Anchors
–    Broken Internal Links
–    Thin Content
–    Too Many Ads
–    Duplicate Content (3rd Party)
–    Linking to Penalized Sites
–    Slow Website
–    Automatically Generated Content

Check the full list of the ranking factors with description and sources info here, it is definitely worth adding to your bookmarks list. Do you have any advice for fellow dating site owners? Share your experience in the comments below.

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