Religious Tinder? New Jewish dating group sparks criticism

Sep 1, 2023
< 1 minute read

Short summary:

  • A religious dating WhatsApp group named “Until We Meet” has sparked controversy by allowing members to upload profile photos, including full-body images, without accompanying text.
  • This shift in policy has led to heated debates among the group’s 500 members, all of whom identify as religious. The group’s goal is to connect like-minded religious singles for potential relationships.
  • The group manager explained that the change in policy was based on a majority preference for focusing on photos rather than detailed self-descriptions.
  • This decision has drawn criticism from some members, including Eleanor Rahimi, who expressed discontent on Facebook.
  • Despite the controversy, Rahimi remains hopeful that the discussions will lead to positive changes in the group’s approach.
  • An organization aiding National-Religious singles, Baim Betov, criticized the prioritization of physical attributes over individuals’ true essence, emphasizing the importance of aligning with core values in dating initiatives.

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