Vote for the Best New Dating Site Feature

Apr 4, 2016
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Last month we asked you to send us new feature ideas for a dating site built with the PG Dating Pro software.

Let me remind you of the premise: We collect the ideas, select the best 5, and post them in this blog for everyone to vote. Then we build the winning feature, and its author receives it as a gift.

Thank you for sending your ideas! We’ve received so many of them that it was difficult to choose just a few, and one extra idea made it into the shortlist.

All the ideas roughly fall into 5 categories: fun activities on the site, payments, security and privacy, design and usability, and getting ready for offline dates.

Now the time has come to vote for the ideas in the shortlist. We are excited to see which of your ideas wins in the end!

1. Identify person’s zodiac sign by their date of birth and use it in search. Your site members will be able to filter other members by their preferred zodiac signs.

2. Secret gifts. Site users send each other virtual gifts anonymously, and the recipient will have a limited time to guess the sender. If the guess is right, both receive a bonus to their account. Only a limited number of gifts is free per day, as well as the number of tries at guesses.

3. Beauty contest. Site members are prompted to submit their photos for weekly contests. Winner of the week takes part in the month’s contest. Months’ winners participate in the final beauty contest of the year. All winners receive premium site services as a prize, or maybe real life gifts if you so decide.

4. Limited time offers, as in “Add money to your account from 4PM till 6PM today, and we will increase the amount by 50 per cent”. Or, “Purchase premium membership on a particular day, e.g. April 15, and receive 1 month membership extra for free”.

5. Favourite things in common. People select their favourites from a list of things that the site admin has created. It can be hobbies, movies, TV shows, food, and so on. Then a site user is notified every time s/he views someone’s profile that they have things in common. A nice starting point for a conversation.

6. Search by user type restrictions. It means that people of one gender will not be able to see each other on the site. Men will not see other men, and women will not see other women. The same rule will apply to all other user types of which there can be as many as the site owner wishes.

The voting will be open until Friday, April 15.

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