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Get a dating website combined with acquisition, retention and conversion tools.
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Guide your dating users through the sales funnel 3 times more efficiently
1. Awareness
A potential user learns about your dating service, be it through social networks, offline events and advertising, or paid advertising online, and comes to take a look at your website.
2. Conversion into registrations
Measure the effectiveness of the advertising channels you use and optimise your promo offerings based on the stats. You have a set of landing pages, each designed to convert visitors into new registrations.
3. User engagement
The system welcomes new users with an onboarding process to showcase the site opportunities. It will guide them along the way as they use the site features to meet and talk to other people.
4. Conversion into paying customers
Advertise paid services and premium membership in all the right places, introduce limitations for non-paying users, micropayments, promo offers, and more.

Effectively run your dating business online

Dating Pro Enterprise package includes following acquisition, retention and conversion tools:
1. Dynamic landing pages
"Same Ad Spend. Up to 6x More Conversions." - instapage.

Once people learn about your dating service, they will go to your website, and you can have them land on pages designed specifically for any promo campaign.

This setup opens plenty of opportunities for experiments with texts and keywords, design and layouts,—all meant to increase the number of registrations.
2. Marketing analytics
Connected analytics systems to discover the best traffic acquisition channels and the most effective user paths within your site and app. Plus dashboard that will bring different data points together so you can glean insights easily and make better decisions.

With analytics, you will be able to answer such questions as:
- What are my most efficient traffic channels?
- Which of the landing pages is the best converting?
- How many users are the most likely to pay for a premium membership?
3. Onboarding for new members
"300% Improvement to feature adoption" - Yotpo
"10% Increase in new user activation" - Canva

Onboarding new members is a great way to show them the value of your dating service, as well as teach them how to use the product. It works on both the website and the mobile apps and helps you increase user engagement and conversion rates.

Onboarding means that the new member does not feel ignored after signing up. They receive a welcoming message from one of your team members and learn how to use the messenger. A special script takes them on a guided tour through the key points of interaction with other site members.
4. Activation campaigns
"Revenue increase by over 150%, on average" - ActiveCampaign

Keeping in touch with your users is especially important if they use your site or app in an on-again-off-again mode.

Activation messages are emails and push notifications that prompt people to return to your dating site or app to not miss a new match, to earn a bonus, to receive a surprise gift, to improve their popularity rank, and so much more.

Activation messages also advertise the advantages of paid membership and paid services and promote one-time special offers.
5. Dating website and apps
• A dating website that is marked with your brand and ready to accept new members.
• Mobile dating apps for the iOS and Android platforms connected to your website.
• Attractive design. Professional design that fits your selected niche.
• Copywriting. Copy that speaks to your target audience.
5.1. Tools to convert visits into registrations
• Limited access to non-registered visitors to spike interest.
• An eye-catching invitation to chat with a site member.
• Quick signup via social networks.
• Free trial run of all the premium opportunities.
• Widgets that you place on third-party websites to advertise your site.
• Photos of the most active or newest members on the landing page.
5.2. User engagement tools
• Liking, rating and adding people to favourites, and checking who liked you as well.
• Ice-breaking tools such as questions, winks and kisses to make it easier to establish the first contact.
• Promo banners to advertise different site activities.
• Looking for people nearby, on a map. Events and companion ads to look for travel buddies.
• Response rate that shows how quick a user is to respond to messages. The higher the rate, the more chances that people will want to talk to them.
• Earning bonuses for certain actions, such as logging in for five days in a row, uploading two and more photos every day for a week, and so on.
• Trying one's fate by playing a slot machine for a prize.
• And there is much more...
5.3. Payment conversion tools and payment systems
• Premium membership that controls access to the most lucrative site sections.
• An assortment of paid services: showcasing one's photo, sending another member a money gift or a gift of membership, sending virtual gifts, lifting or highlighting one's profile in search to attract more attention, enabling stealth mode, etc.
• Gift store where you can sell any types of merchandise.
• Pay-per-minute video chat.
• Ad-free experience for paying customers.
• Special offers, personal discounts and promo codes.
• Built-in payment gateways including PayPal, CCBill, and more.
• Recurring payments.
"Online dating market is predicted to grow steadily till 2024" - Market Research Vision
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Your Dating Pro expert team
Irina Stepanova
Product manager
Irina is the mastermind behind the Dating Pro Enterprise package. All features and all integrations are personally picked by her.
Thanks to her work as product manager, Dating Pro has 4 "Best Dating Software Provider of a Year" over the last 6 years.
Evgeniia Dmitrieva
Project manager
Evgeniia is a determined lady with vast experience in sales and project management over last 4 years.
She's worked with over 50 projects in different niches and with different ideas.
Anna Budanova
Account & Support manager
Clients' favorite perfectionist and enthusiast for all the new projects, Anna takes great pleasure in caring after her clients and organizes the work in the most efficient way.
We discuss your project idea in details and come up with specifications.
Initial stage
Set up the website so that it can already start accepting new members. Connecting your website to analytics systems.
Planning stage
Planning email drip campaigns and the onboarding process.
Coding stage
Coding changes if they are necessary to bring the required functionality to life.
How it works
Building the onboarding process and email drip campaigns. After that, we'll be monitoring performance and making adjustments.
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