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Dating and Playing! Neverending go-round!

19:00:36 by Julia Dorofeeva

Categories: Dating Business Tips & Articles

Comment Icon2 comments


Dating and love affairs always combine pain and happiness. These two feelings form a ballance only when we're with our beloved man. Otherwise we are tranferred into a state of depression and stress.

You probably know a lot of love stories where two people cannot forget each other for years and stay together whatever happens. Well, this weekend I have watched a wonderful film. It was French and may be that's why it was so expressive. Unfortunately I don't remember it's definite name, something like "I bet, you bet". On the whole the plot is based on the eternal connection between a man and a woman who love each other but not ready to admit it. They are afraid of love and play with their feelings using a simple game. They make a bet and fulfil it one after another again and again for many years. There's something like a habit of playing and the guy cannot get marry and she cannot live peacefully with her husband. All that they are doing is playing and waiting for the next meeting, the shifts between which are 10 years.

The most surprising fact is that till the end of times they continue playing and love each other. It's their life and they are happy. This film made me think that if we love someone we should strive for a person. Of course, there are different characters and may be your beloved doesn't care. You just have to find a suitable key to his soul.

And elements of a game can be a great adventure for both the partners. I mean if you're Dating Online you can be bored by the everyday dating routine. And if you entertain yourself with simple tricks, your feelings and affection can be stronger. You'll know much about each other.

For Dating Site Owners this idea can help to make your site more original and exciting. Use some playing technoques in Dating Site management: competitions and meetings with funny games can be great. Besides, it's always good to make competiotions on the best user, writer, member, singer and so on. This helps your users to be displayed openly and find their match. Think it over!


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