14 Tips to Increase Conversion on Your Dating Site

Mar 6, 2017

Dating Pro software: Increase conversion on your dating site

Conversion rate is extremely important for any business that relies heavily on its online marketing. It is great to have steady traffic, but when people only view your dating website and do not create an account, something might be wrong.

So let’s talk about some strategies that can help you in increasing the conversion rate.

Everything that we do from eating to dating consists of 4 elements: opportunity, ability, incentive, and willpower. Knowing which elements to abuse in your UI and marketing will greatly help in creating a user-friendly website that sells.

1. Call-to-action
Give people the opportunity to convert. Display the signup options in a sticky header for new visitors. Show special offers in pop-up windows for regular customers. Add calls-to-action into the news articles and customer success stories on your dating site.

Dating Pro software: Call to action landing page

2. Unique value proposition
There is something unique to every product. Highlight what separates your online dating service from the competition. Describe how your service can solve a specific problem of your audience and how the people can benefit from signing up on your site.

3. Landing pages
Create several landing pages to showcase your offer. This is a perfect opportunity to test your hypotheses. You can advertise one landing page to people aged 25-35, and another to people aged 36-45, or to men vs women, or to dog lovers vs cat lovers. For each of the segments, you can create several versions of the page to select the one that works best.

Dating Pro’s Landings add-on makes it easy to add and activate HTML pages to your dating site.

4. Less distractions
Be careful placing too many banner ads or other visual and interactive elements close to your call-to-action buttons. Your site members and visitors need some free space to turn their attention to where you want them to.

5. Less options
Allow your customers to choose from 2-3 membership plans. It is quite enough to introduce some versatility and showcase your dating site options. 6-7 plans would be too much. People do not like being overwhelmed. Just show them what’s best for them.

Dating Pro software: Membership options

6. Free trial run
Make sure that your clients see how your product works and that they can try it out before committing. Give them a free trial of the premium membership that lasts one or two weeks.

7. Diverse payment options
Unless you are restricted by law or by other considerations, try giving your users as many payment options as possible. It will increase the chances of your customers turning into paying customers. Make it easier for them to make a purchase.

This is the list of payment systems that are integrated with the Dating Pro solution. We can integrate any other payment gateway into your site upon request.

8. Experiment with the prices
Try making your offer a dynamic thing that evolves constantly. Give your clients free stuff and change prices accordingly to see what works best.

9. Guarantees and returns
You simply cannot operate and compete without these nowadays. Add a guarantee to ensure your customers that the product is high quality. Explain to them how they can make a return in case they don’t like your site.

10. Visuals
Flat text walls do not engage users. Implement more infographics, pictures, and other visually attractive things. A button will attract more attention and allow you to generate more purchases if it is well designed and feels good to use.

Create a video that will explain how your site works, how it benefits your customers, and why people should use it. This will make them invested.

11. Social media
Use the social following to your advantage. People value social media highly and having thousands of likes and followers is something that can be used to your advantage. Show how many people like your site and use it.

12. Testimonials
Reviews and testimonials created by real users are the best way to show how great your dating site is. It is easy to relate to success stories told by the people who met on your website.

Dating Pro software: Success stories

13. Privacy policy
Explain to your customers how their personal information is going to be used and make sure that they understand everything.

14. Customer support
Make sure that your customers can always contact you and your team. Implement a live chat so you can have live conversations and feedback from your customers. Interact with them and reassure them that you are here to stay.

Showcase your team. Make sure that your customers know people they are working with and purchasing from. If you have bright individuals or famous people on your team (matchmakers, psychologists, etc.), showcase them!


Whatever you do, keep evolving. Experimenting and changing how you sell will definitely allow you to dynamically adjust your offer and make it more compelling over time.


The top picture in this blog post is by Jordan Ladikos at Unsplash.

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